Mid-Century Fence AC Shield

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This summer, we began creating a patio and seating area in our backyard. We have a space that is perfect for it, except for one thing - the unsightly and large AC unit. It would cost a pretty penny to move the unit around the corner, so the next best solution was to hide it.

The entire area looks so much better with the fence now up. We went with a mid-century parallel plank design because we've utilized it in other areas of our hard.

This is the before photo. There is certainly nothing wrong with our AC unit. It's not rusty and not old... but it's still a big 'ol grey appliance sitting in an otherwise peaceful-looking area.

Our supplies included a few 1x4 cedar tone boards and two cedar tone, pressure-treated 2x4s for the three fence posts.

I started by cutting the three 2x4s to use as supports. Because the ground wasn't perfectly level, I cut them to approximate length and then used a board and level to mark the final cut lines on the top.

I cut 45-degree miters in the one corner where the short side and long side boards would be joined.

I used pencil spacers to keep a consistent distance between each board.

I secured the boards to the 2x4 supports with a nail gun and finish nails. My daughter was around to give me a hand and I'd recommend getting some help while securing the boards. It's tough to hold them in the correct position while also nailing them into place by yourself.

Here is the final product. On the backside of the fence, I did end up connecting the end of the long side to a wooden stake I drove into the ground to ensure the fence wouldn't blow over.

We're not done with the entire patio yet, but we're very please with how the fence immediately softened up the appearance of the whole area. Follow me on Instagram at   @woodyworking for more simple woodworking DIY or home improvement projects. Happy building!

Suggested materials:
  • Cedar tone 1x4s   (Home Depot)
  • Cedar tone 2x4s   (Home Depot)
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  • William William on Dec 29, 2021

    You and your helper did a great job! You could even hang some outdoor decor on it. A drink shelf would look good for standing guests.

  • Christopher Lowry Christopher Lowry on Dec 29, 2021

    I'm curious to know how much clearance you gave the condenser unit. Its difficult to tell from the photos.

    If you haven't left enough "breathing room" for the ac, the efficiency of the unit, and may shorten the life of the unit.

    • Should be all good there. We left about 10" on each of the two sides, plus the fence has gaps for air flow, and the other two sides and the top are fully open.