Bathroom sink ant infestation

by Teresa
I recently moved in a home in Southern California. I've noticed a few ants in various places throughout our home so went to Home Depot and purchased ant killer and a gallon sprayer and treated all along the perimeter of outside the house and inside the garage. This morning I woke up to a few ants coming from the two upstairs bathroom sinks so I got the spray, and treated under the cabinets and along the pipes. The number of ants in the master bathroom sink went from 3-4 to hundreds within 10 minutes. Is this an infestation in the pipes? Pest control can not come out until tomorrow or there anything I can do in the meantime? My house is very clean, no food or sugary substances anywhere out. I don't know why this is happening.
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  • Margaret Welker Margaret Welker on Jan 12, 2015
    Terro baits have worked for me.
  • Inger Grape Inger Grape on Jan 30, 2015
    @Margaret Welker, I too find that Terro works very well (the active ingredient is boric acid). Unfortunately they changed the packaging. It used to come in a bottle from which you dribbled a little onto a piece of cardboard; then they changed it into little ant houses that the ants have no interest in. So I cut open one of the compartments and dribble a little onto cardboard and it works a charm again. It's weird -- I might put it right in their path and they show no interest -- then I move it an inch over and they go crazy over it. It takes 2-3 days to complete the job and you don't have to look for entry points or have bad, expensive poisons sprayed onto your property.