In-ground Pool With "Spillover" Spa

In addition to a destination in-ground pool - with moss rock waterfall and handsome patio surround and bright landscaping - these clients asked Deck and Patio for a "spillover" spa that would give them not only the joys of a soaking in its relaxing waters, but provide an additional waterfall splashing into the pool. They also wanted to use this spa/hot tub all year, even when the pool was closed.
The Challenge
Most custom in-ground spas that "spill over" are connected to the pool's functions requiring the pool be on when operating the spa. This would be a problem for the months the pool is closed. Our solution was, rather than build the usual connecting cement spa, we install a portable Bullfrog Spas' hot tub in way that looked built in - with a waterfall just below it that appears to be coming from the spa, but actually coming out of the pool itself.
The clients agreed that this was an ideal way to give them all they wanted, especially since they would also get the superb hydrotherapy benefits of Bullfrog's JetPaks massage jets/seats - and have those benefits all year long.
Completed Oasis-style Pool and Spa
The movement in the pool's free form shape, surrounded by plant material chosen for color and texture - with a view on how it will grow - ensures their backyard retreat will be a lovely backyard oasis for a long time to come. And what about during seasons when the pool is closed? There's lots of long-blooming plants and green ground cover to brighten the area outside of pool season.
In-Ground Vinyl Pool Retreat:
Amenities abound in this backyard retreat: beautiful free-form vinyl pool, moss rock waterfalls, diving rock, tanning shelf, spa set in-ground, robust plantings, and handsome patio.
Spill Over Spa:
Deck and Patio set the Bullfrog Spa all the way into the ground with boulders and plantings around it - and added a moss rock waterfall just beneath that splashes into the pool. While it's actually coming from the pool's edge, the waterfall appears to be coming from a custom in-ground spa.
Moss Rock Waterfall:
Next to the Wild Ride slide that also spills water into the pool, we installed a moss rock waterfall that flows with force over an extended rock.
In-Ground Pool with Tanning Shelf:
The free-form vinyl pool was designed with an expansive tanning shelf that boasts room for two large S-shaped recliners. Having no legs, the recliners sit right in the water for a comfortable way to keep cool and sunbathe at the same time.
Cambridge Paver Patio:
The handsome patio/pool surround is made with durable Cambridge Ledgestone XL "Toffee Onyx Light" pavers (Sherwood Collection). These pavers come in 3-piece design kits for a beautiful random design.
Bullfrog Spa Installation:
We left one side of the hot tub exposed to make it easy to get to the plumbing operation of the hot tub. However, when looking at the hot tub from the patio or pool area, it appears to be all in-ground.
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