French Country Side Table

First project piece. Had some do overs. Learned some lessons.
Finished table
This is how it ended up looking. It's basically old white AS. Clear wax. Dark wax wiped over sides and legs and wiped off leaving some distressed looking areas. Top border is French linen AS, clear wax, dark left on heavier for brown appearance. The top I debated on. Table had leather top with gold embossed border. It looked odd once the table was painted. I used a wash of old white then a wash of French linen over the leather. Repeated washes sanding in between coats. Although the rest of the table was waxed, I Top Coated 3 layers on tabletop for durability. I was told the leather top would keep it from selling.
Original Look
Started with brown wood very sturdy no gluing necessary. Drawer in good shape. (Doesn't stick). Cleaned with mixture of degreaser and water in spray bottle. Used cut up t-shirts to clean, and terry cloth for new finish on drawer pulls.

The drawer was French linen but again I took advice that 2 colored furniture is not selling so I changed it to old white. At this stage the leather top was not jiving with the colors I'd chosen
Grey drawer original drawer pulls
Drawer pulls needed color change. Glad I changed the French linen drawer to old white. Began to add some gold wax accents.
White drawer
A look at white drawer brush strokes. This photo is just paint. Later, after clear wax, the dark wax brought out the strokes made with Large round AS brush. It looked too dark overall so I put a wash of old white to lighten over areas I couldn't get dark wax off. I tried lightening the dark wax using clear wax but it was looking dirty. Sanded again after wash, then clear wax. I like the wood to feel very smooth so I sand between coats and buff the wax.
Drawer pulls
AS Gold wax applied with a brush over original drawer pulls. Then painted old white over pulls. Let paint dry. Took damp terry cloth and wiped away some of the old white revealing gold underneath. Painted loosely, same AS king gold in groove on drawer front and around bottom of table. Couldn't do a lot of techniques if I'd used acrylic on table. Just love AS products. Next time I'll try to let my creative intuition guide me and not worry what sells. I like the way this turned out though and hope to sell it. Would love feedback or comments.
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jul 24, 2016
    Beautiful! I love the drawer pulls!

  • Deborah Myers Deborah Myers on Jul 25, 2016
    Thanks for your reply. Do you have any idea how much you would pay for this one I did. I spent a lot of time on it but getting no nibbles. Good luck with your pieces. Take the plunge to paint. It was really hard at first esp over the leather top but looks go in and out of fashion. The next person might want a I see it and can uncover it. Thanks again for your reply.