Drop Leaf Table Rescue!

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This is a picture of a table taken about 5 years ago, since that time, it sat out in a friend's garage and got wet and split.
I like real wood, so decided to try and salvage this.
The table was in worse shape than this when I got it but I forgot to take a photo, so my friend gave me one of it from years ago and I edited it so you don't see anything else. But the stain was there even then.
First, I sanded it and removed all traces of a finish but the grease and stains were unable to be sanded off.

I tried hydrogen peroxide and a couple of other things that have worked in the past, but the stains were too deep.

I applied wood glue to the two separate table top pieces and used wood filler on the holes that had been drilled in it and along the seam where there was a 20inch x 3 in "sliver" of wood missing.
There are deep cuts seen at the bottom that cannot be sanded out, I filled them too.

There is an old huge stain at the left end of the table and a small on on the right end. The centre of the table had a large piece missing, you can sort of see the filler at this point.

But I was trying not to have to paint it.
As good as its going to get, but I still want wood, not paint.
So, I stained it very dark and where it was impossible to hide the damage, I did resort to painting, a lovely free hand leafy pattern, which I then tried to duplicate on the other end. The patterns are not identical, but they are close.

I love my table!
Suggested materials:
  • Old Table
  • Sand paper
  • Stain
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