Repurposed Drexel Table

2 Materials
1 Week

I found a round Drexel dining table at Restore for $2.00. I converted it to a game table.

The finished product.

It fits in perfectly in our remodled basement!

This was the table after removing the first layer of white paint. I didn't strip the legs since I was going to paint them later.

It sanded down okay, however there are some areas that were inconsistant. Solid wood though.

My husband helped me tape off the gridlines on the stained center, using a cardboard checker board as a guide.

Tip: Don't use the green Frog Tape. It stuck too well and pulled up the varnish. I had to go over the varnish again.

After the tape was down, I painted with a spray paint in a similar color to the leg paint. I was looking for a smooth top for card playing.

I sprayed 2 coats of paint. After it had dried, I removed all of the tape and paper.

I reset the paper to cover the edges where it would be painted grey (leg paint) on the top (no photo). I sprayed many coats of poly over the stained section of the table.

The last step was to remove all paper masking and paint the edges. 2 coats.

I found 4 chairs at another local second hand store. 2 are painted the same color grey.

Suggested materials:
  • Spray varnish, latex paint for legs and edge panels, spray paint - gre
  • Painters tape, newsprint   (Home depot)
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