Small Side Table for a Client

While painting, designing and installing picture frame molding, my client asked if I refinish furniture. He knew that I have been a furniture painter/builder for 30 years, but he wasn't sure if I restored any. Although I do prefer to paint furniture, mostly because I cant stand brown, I can and have refinished a few pieces. This is one of them.
it is a very cute little table with great curves, but it was in horrible condition. It was literally falling apart. The top was not attached, one leg was completely broken off and a couple of other small pieces broken off that needed to be glued and nailed back on. It was a family piece and he wanted to try to save it. I told him I could work my magic on it, but you don't know how badly I wanted it to be mine, so I could paint it instead. Did I mention I hate brown wood?
I got to work nailing, gluing and sanding, until it was as sturdy as it probably was new (maybe ever stronger) Sorry I don't have better pics. I'm bad at taking before pics...terrible memory.
After fixing it, I stained and put about 3 coats of poly. This is the finished piece and my client was thrilled with how it turned out. He called me a miracle worker for furniture. You know I don't like it...why?? guessed it...I despise brown furniture!! LOL. But its not mine and my job is to make clients hap hap happy and he was ;-)
Here's one more picture so you can see the top better. If you are a lover of painted wood and don't like it, I understand because I don't either lol. Adorable table, awful color :-) ~Patty~
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  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Dec 04, 2014
    I love the warmth and richness of dark or medium dark wood that shows the beauty of the grain. To each his/her own. The table looks great.

    • Angel View Cottage Angel View Cottage on Dec 04, 2014
      Thank you Marion...yes that's what makes the world go round. I'm glad we're not all the boring that would be, right? Blessings, Patty~

  • Cherie Cherie on Feb 08, 2015
    Hi! I personally love this little table and you did a wonderful job! I read a comment you made on hometalk about not liking chalk paint as it's expensive, etc. Have you ever tried making your own? It's really easy: paint = 1 qt., plaster of paris = 1/2 c mixed with 1/4 or more water. Stir to mix well, add to paint, stir. No sanding of furniture unless it's deeply gouged, and no primer! Top coat is just either wax or shellac (water based) so it's less time consuming really than other paints! And you can distress it prior to top coating if you like or leave it smooth. Try it!