Ugly Shelf Project

1 Material
6 Hours
I bought this hideous shelf at a yard sale for a couple bucks. It was so ugly I almost didn't buy it. But, nothing deserves to look like that.
I started sanding, with the intent to spray paint it. Seriously, who does this to wood? Poorly painted with about six coats of thick paint. Ugh!
This took about an hour. I liked the look of the wood and decided to torch and stain it. (On hindsight I should have used Zip-Strip. I gave up when my arms gave out and I borrowed my daughters palm sander to finish the job.)
Not a great picture but after sanding her down, the wood wasn't as nice as I'd hoped. I decided to use my Country Chic paint and their distressing technique.
The first coat in Country Chic Liquorish. I wasn't sure if the dark color went on first, followed by the contrast, or vice versa. (If it was mentioned in the tutorial, I missed it.) Obviously, I chose dark. I let it dry two hours then applied Country Chic Devotion.
After one hour I used a wet, lint free cloth to rub away the paint wherever I wanted the undercoat to show. This was hard to do and the part I did reveal I didn't like. (I decided it should have been painted red first, followed by the black.) I painted it black again and only waited 30 minutes before using the wet cloth.
Much better. I think it's saying "Thank You!" All I have left is to figure out where to hang it.
Way better than purple.
Suggested materials:
  • Country Chic paint in Liquorice and Devotion. Sand paper.   (At a small boutique.)
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