Shabby Chic Nursery Idea Using Lace Stencils

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Rachel of Maison de Pax was excited for the opportunity to decorate her daughter’s new room, but was hesitant to spend a lot of money and effort on something that wouldn’t last past her nursery years. Do you have the same predicament? Look no further: a proven way to save some serious cash on bedroom decorating that grows with your child is Wall Stencils! With wall stencils, you can choose from a variety of trendy designs and paint colors that you know will grow with your child. And that’s exactly what Rachel did. Let’s see how she used wall stencils to make this nursery a shabby chic space that can adapt to her growing toddler’s needs:
For her daughter’s room, Rachel didn’t want to replace any of the furniture and décor. Luckily, with so many stencil designs to choose from, she was able to find the perfect pattern for the space. She envisioned a light filled nursery that complemented the farmhouse dresser and gray comfy chair she had. A lace pattern perhaps?
In comes our Esperanza Lace Tile Wall Stencil! Rachel fell in love with this wall stencil at first sight and knew it would be the perfect finishing touch for her little girl’s room.
To create the shabby chic look, she painted all four walls in Behr Cameo White paint. She used Large 3” Stencil Brush and a custom mix of 1 part Paris Gray and 2 parts French Linen Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan for the stenciled design on the accent wall. This soft and airy color combination is just want she wanted for this light filled nursery.
Need a little help with stenciling? Make sure to check out our Stencil Tutorials. And because Rachel wants you to be just as happy with YOUR next stencil project, she created this stenciling video and great stencil tips!

And because Rachel wants you to be just as happy with YOUR next stencil project, she passes along these great stencil tips!

Stenciling is very forgiving! If it comes out differently than you were expecting, it’s that easy to just paint it over.

Use thin layers of paint when stenciling. Less is definitely more when it comes to paint. If you would like a more saturated look, use multiple layers of paint rather than one thick one.

Wait for each painted section to dry before stenciling the next repeat.

Change your painter’s tape often.

Clean and dry your stencil often so that you don’t get smears or buildup of paint.

Check your level every so often to make sure you are still on track. Use the stencil’s registration marks to match up the next repeat.

The result is STUNNING!

Thanks for the stencil tips, Rachel! Not only did she love the result, but her daughter was also thrilled! Rachel says, “You should have seen her little face when I asked her if she wanted to show Daddy her new wall… She raced down the hall – beaming – and stopped dead in her tracks about three feet from the wall. Pointing her pudgy little toddler finger and smiling the most self-satisfied grin. You’d think she’d done the work herself”! We’re so happy that she loves it! Do you love it too?? Let us know in the comments!
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