How to Install Drywall - For the Beginners!

1 Hour
Have no idea how to install drywall? It's easy to do and I can show you the first steps! Follow along.
First things first, gather all your supplies.
Drywall (Check your pre-existing drywall for thickness before heading to the store)
Drywall Screws
Drywall Dimpler Bit
Utility Knife
Drywall Rasp
The next thing you need to do is measure the space that you need to place drywall in. It’s really important to measure the length and width but also measure the width at a few spots within the length.
With any projects, nothing is usually perfect and that’s what we have found when measuring our drywall.
Once you have your measurements, diagram it out so that you remember.
Place your drywall white side up and mark your measurements. Use a straight edge (in our case a piece of baseboard trim) to draw your lines for your cut.
Using a utility knife, score your drywall. You don’t want to press completely through your drywall, but you want to press firm enough to score it evenly down your line
From the backside, give it a good knee bump and it will cut in half where you scored it.
t usually doesn’t have a clean break, so at this time, we cut through the back paper to finish it off.
Take it in and test it out in your spot.
Many times, it is just a smidgen too wide and that’s when you want to use a drywall rasp. This will sand it down enough so that you can get it to fit within the space.
Once it fits, use the drywall screws and dimpler bit to put the screws in to studs. The bit stopper will allow you to put the screws in at the perfect length, helping you protect the drywall from cracking (which happens when your screw goes in too far).
Admire how good it looks. Just kidding! Actually, to be honest, this is a HUGE improvement from looking at bare studs so, if you made it this far, then consider it a success.
The next step is mudding the seams, but we haven't go there yet. I'll share when we do!

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