Light Fixture/ Broken Fan to a Planter ( Edited) 4/24/16

Anna Ibarra
by Anna Ibarra
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I had a pretty ornate fan,bought at Ross many years ago. It broke and didn't want to throw it out. I also didn't need a fan anymore, bought when our AC went out and in middle of August in SC. Also, bought a light fixture at a garage sale for $5, had plans to had it switch out for an existing light fixture. A thought just came to me.


Didn't want to get it fixed, I tried messing with it. This fan base broke and was broken when I bought it at Ross, on clearance Kept tilting, but was desperate as our A/C broke, then years later wouldn't' work. Then base broke and couldn't used for project.


The stand to my fan.
$5 fixture from a garage sale.

Decided I didn't like the fixture for my home as a light fixture anymore, what to do.

I married the two...

Painted the stand, cause I love white and decided it would be a planter on the fan stand. ;-)

End result. I had started to begin my fixation with succulents and thought this was a neat planter.

I made this 3 years ago and it has filled up, it has a hole from the light fixture so has drainage.

It now has filled in. This is from 3 years ago. It now has filled completely, I don't have an updated photo, as I'm doing this while it is raining today. My correction- I had two of these fans. I tried the the 1st pic fan but it broke, that's when I tried the other one. Like I said I did this about 3 years ago.

The original fan I used.

Yes, very cute and nice fan, these are remakes and not very well made. Bought both from Ross, and the top darker mahogany color was on clearance as it was cracked and wobbly. This one eventually gave out as well, after our move from SC to Texas. Didn't want to spend $$ to fix so I just kept up as decor, then one kept tilting falling and not safe around kids. So my project was created. I still have it up and holding up as succulent planter, longer then they were used as fans.

This is what gave me the idea to use it as a planter. I was given this succulent basket for Mothers Day and I used it to sit on the fan cover. It kept leaning as the screw and nut was in the middle.

Suggested materials:
  • Ole fan stand   (Ross many years ago)
  • Succulent soil, succulents   (Lowes, HD)
  • Light fixture bowl   (yard sale)
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  • Janice Janice on Apr 23, 2016
    I agree with the first questioner; what happened to the beautiful fan shown in your first pic? The base used in the rest of your pics and finished piece isn't even comparable to the first pic of your fan - why?
  • Ardis Olson Ardis Olson on Apr 23, 2016
    Cute planter but what part of the fan did you use? The planter base is not from that fan. They are a totally different design.
  • Gra2416627 Gra2416627 on Apr 23, 2016
    I wish the fan and planter were side beside because the bases are totally two different ones????
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  • Lindalovie55 Lindalovie55 on May 11, 2016
    dont understand comment.
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    • Anna Ibarra Anna Ibarra on May 19, 2016
      @Lindalovie55 Exactly Sue Kiene, thank you for being more specific, I should learn to edit. I'm always in a rush. Linda, the ideas are tons and can you imagine the washing machine door as a big trifle bowl. -O Amazing. I love to try other posts and ideas, but can't always get exactly what they have, so these inspirations sites are so great so we can lesson the waste dump landfills. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. -)
  • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on Aug 21, 2016
    Anna there is no way to add a comment to your cable spool post but I wanted you to know that I have racked my brains for forever trying to figure something out for them. I have looked at many different thing that people have done with them but to be honest never cared for them that much, that is until I came across yours. OMG I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE with the idea you came up with and want to thank you so much for the inspiration! Love love love it! This post is cute too but I just can't say enough about the other!
    • Anna Ibarra Anna Ibarra on Oct 25, 2018

      Hope you got to do yours. With HT changing so much and evolving, I don't actually get on the site as much. I just view it thru FB.