Old Timey Chair turned Planter!

2 Hours
I love to go yard saling and find things to repurpose...here's one of my latest finds. I can't take all the credit as it being all my idea, as I have seen these at craft fairs, but at the price they were going for, I thought, "HA! I can make this myself!!" I have another chair I am going to do in a different color for my mom....she's a flower lover just like me so I think she would love this as well...maybe as a Christmas gift for the lady who has it all already???
Oh, and on the second set of pics, for the chair I havent finished yet, interesting find....as I was taking the seat off I found that the seat had been redone, apparently in 1951, I know this because, the person had taken a newspaper from the day, folded it in half and put between the two seats! I took pics of the paper! SO COOL! (would hate to find out that this chair I have taken apart is worth $20,000.00 according to the Antiques Road Show! HAHAHA!!)
Paid $4 at a yard sale for this old chair! not bad! Perfect for my plan, b/c I dont have to cut the seat out, just remove this this board.
now to lightly sand the chair so that it will take my paint!
ready to paint!
honey thinks he's helping...but he's not much of a painter, bless his heart!
finished painting!
$3 chair at yard sale, going to do in yellow!
getting ready to remove seat....
look what I find! pretty cool!
very interesting read!!!
finished product!
;-) Happy flowers!
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  • Angela A Angela A on Aug 19, 2012
    LOL! That would seriously be my luck Donna!! No, I didnt, but not a bad idea, I may have to do that...in my "spare" time that I have so much of...ha ha, I'm right now, taking a short break between batches of jelly-making! I will save that for another rainy day project!!

  • Donna R Donna R on Aug 19, 2012
    Yes, those beautiful grapes you posted yesterday, I think.