Winter Floral Designs #HolidayHomeTour

I love to decorate our frontporch for each season. I have a lovely garden arch that adds interest to ourfront porch year round. On either side of it I have white urn shaped plantersthat I design according to the season. I also have an old milk jug on the stoop - one of my favorite garage sale finds. We live in a rural area and I go huntingin the woods for things to make my floral designs with. For my winter designs Ifound assorted birch branches (paper birch and river birch), white pine tips,and red dogwood twigs. I use the dirt that was left in my pots from previousplantings. First I arrange my branches to get the basic shape desired. I thenfill in with the red dogwood twigs to add accents of color. Last I fill in withgreenery. I pour water in the pots when I'm done and it freezes my designs inplace. These will remain in the pots until spring since it stays cold and thesnow doesn't melt here until May.
The garden arch and urns house seasonal displays through out the year.
This is a close up of the rich colors and textures that make these designs interesting. I love using God's creations to decorate with.
Birch branches and white pine tips make a lovely winter display in my old milk jug. The bow was made with red burlap ribbon and adds great texture.
Our front porch was built in an area that was just a mud hole after we built the house. We bricked the area in using a cobblestone pattern. It's now one of my favorite spaces to decorate year round.

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  • Jamala W Jamala W on Dec 18, 2013
    I love your winter arrangements...the natural elements are simply beautiful..

  • Ene19230 Ene19230 on Dec 18, 2013
    Thank you ladies. Miriam, for Spring and Summer I grow Morning Glories in the pots and train them to cover the arch. I have grown a couple of different varieties. But my favorite is the giant variety (about the size of my hand) that is a lovely blue in color.