Cardboard Containers Repurposed Into Hanging Lamp/Light

by Jennifer
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I will make something out of nothing icon !
When I saw the cardboard containers I knew I would use them for something but wasn't sure what that something was at the time. Three containers and only two lids... hmmm. Well I bought them anyway, only $1.99 at the thrift store. They sat for awhile, then I started to play around with them. I thought about storage... been done, what about ... no that won't work, so many ideas that are not working outicon . Then I came up with this...

Three containers and just two lidsicon . I'll save the lids for another idea I have and use the containers for now.

I cut out the bottom from the inside by scoring several times with a box cutter to get a clean edge. Now I have cardboard cylinders. On to painting with my fav color... blue! I was going to ombreicon but it has been done so much I just went another way.

I put holes in the cardboard with a huge needle. I was going to drill but thought I might mess them up somehow or shred the cardboard. The needle worked fine. Measure the circle then mark a triangle on each cylinder then mark for a hole about 1/8 of an inch down the side. I did three points but you could do four if needed. I pulled apart some chain I already had at six links each. This made enough space between each layer for light to shine through.

I didn't have the part you would need for the shade to hang onto so I made it. The ring is from an old lampshade I had already torn apart. I still needed to make the rest of it or buy a shade and tear it apart. Well I'm not doing that so I will make my own. I wielded the pieces together with help from my better half and not too bad for my first time wieldingicon . I used E6000 to glue it inside the cylinder.

I attached the cylinders together with the chain links.

That's doneicon ... next

Oh I need sparkly and shiny. I already had the beaded fringe to add. So far so good! Still needs more of somethingicon .

I added the zigzag trim (already had) to finish . All that's left is the light to be strung through ( I got the light from Amazon in a 2 pack for about $13.00) and all finished. The light hangs by the cord and I don't like that so I will probably add some of the chain to the cord so it will hang from the chain not the cord.icon

It casts a beautiful glow on the walls but I couldn't get a good picture of that glow. I will hopefully be selling this soonicon !

Thanks for looking and I hope this helps someone out who doesn't think they can do it icon because if I can you can!

This is part 1 of 3 projects! Part 2 and Part 3

Thanks for looking!icon
Suggested materials:
  • 3 cardboard containers   (Thrift store)
  • 2 different blue spray paints   (on hand)
  • E6000 and hot glue   (on hand)
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4 of 8 comments
  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Apr 16, 2017
    You are my new favorite HomeTalker Jennifer. I love how you write, I love your honesty and I loooooove your creative mind. Can I stalk you?

  • Eri12894383 Eri12894383 on Sep 01, 2017
    Magnificent! Very creative idea. I will forego the welding aspect of this project, but I will definitely try the rest. Such potential for various designs. Thank you for sharing your creativity Jennifer! Best of luch in your endeavors.

    • Jennifer Jennifer on Nov 11, 2017
      Just saw your comment and wanted to say thank you very much! I also made another one out of square boxes white,black with silver beads as a trim for a friends huge walk in closet. Something most anyone can put together! :-)