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1 Hour
The next time you come across an old rubber tire at the junk yard, don’t pass it up! It could potentially be the next statement piece in your yard and this tutorial will tell you just to go about doing just that!
-old tire
-DeWalt jig saw
-BoschMulti-Purpose Steel T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set for Cutting Wood and Metal (5-Pack)
-paint brush
-Behr exterior flat paint (Colors: aqua and coral)
-round sponge (optional)
-plants and soil
STEP 1: Trace and cut
First, I used a piece of chalk to trace out where I was going to cut the tire. I drew the mark in a squiggle line to create what would eventually appear to be flower petals once the tire was flipped inside out.
Then, I used a jig saw to cut the mark. I would recommend making a starter hole with something like clippers as this will make it easier to get your cut started.
STEP 2: Flip tire inside out
Next, I recruited Rob to flip the tire inside out. This was proving to be more difficult than I had imagined so he suggested that the design be cut closer to the treads in order for the tire to be easier to flip inside out. Instead of going back with the jig saw and making the hole go all the way to the tread, he simply made a tiny slit between each “petal” so it would be easier for him to flip the tire.
STEP 3: Paint and decorate
After the tire was flipped inside out, I painted the whole outside and the inside of the “petals” aqua. The acrylic paint went on pretty easy but I would recommend painting in the same direction of the tread so that you get better coverage without having to use a ton of paint.
Once the aqua paint was dry, I went back with a round sponge I had on hand to blot on a line of coral around the middle of the tire for a bit of contrast. The sky’s the limit with decorating this tire planter! I wanted something simple but unique that I didn’t have to spend a whole lot of time on.
I’m really happy with how this cute little planter came out. I put it in the back corner of our yard in front of a tree so it can be seen from the road and planted a gardenia bush in the middle with pink tulips around it. The smell of the gardenia is amazing and I can’t wait for the tulips to start sprouting!

*Note: I've seen some tire planters similar to ours and some people use a hubcap or rim for the center to plant in. That is a great idea if you plant to have your planter on your patio; however, I decided to skip that route and plant directly in the ground inside the planter.

*Price note: I had most everything on hand for this project so the cost posted was for the jigsaw blades and the plants.
Suggested materials:
  • Old tire   (local mechanic shop)
  • DeWalt jig saw   (on hand)
  • BoschMulti-Purpose Steel T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set for Cutting Wood and Metal (5-Pack)   (Home Depot)
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