Why Deck Posts Should Not Be Set in Concrete

The photo on the left shows a post set in a bracket that has been mounted to the top of a footer. The photo on the right shows a post that has concrete poured around it, which can lead to a crack like you see here. When concrete is poured around a deck post in this way, the post will rot due to moisture buildup by the soil. Concrete tends to absorb moisture and wood expands when it gets wet, so these two factors combined will result in the wood breaking the concrete. By setting the post on top of footing, you're creating a solid foundation for the deck to stand on.
why deck posts should not be set in concrete

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  • Marta V. Martin
    on Feb 1, 2016

    I have a fence post that is suffering from frost heave. Could I fix it the same as the deck post footings?

    • David
      on Apr 28, 2018

      Ive lived in New England and in the south. Check with your local contractors how deep you have to set these post to avoid the frost heave.

    • Carbon Sink
      on Sep 23, 2018

      What David is saying is that the concrete footing won't help with frost heave. What matters is how deep the post (or footing) is buried. You want it deep enough so the frost doesn't form under it.

  • Manleybrown
    on Jun 26, 2016

    Setting new posts for a fence around my home

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  • Carbon Sink
    on Sep 23, 2018

    Just a note, this is for support posts only not fence posts. Fence posts have pressure from the side and so need to be buried. I believe that fence posts should not be set in concrete either but instead set in compacted gravel.

  • Uta39449998
    on Feb 5, 2019

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