Turn Your Socks Into Snowmen

7 Materials
20 Minutes

'Tis the season… for every adorable snowman idea possible. And this sock snowman idea is particularly cute. They just look so soft and squishy. I made this set for my entrance way and my daughters made another set for their room, too.

Step 1: Gather your materials

I used a fluffy white sock, a colorful sock, string, puff paint, blush, dried rice and red buttons.

Step 2: Cut the end off the white sock

I trimmed the toe area off my sock. I did this because there was the brand name written in grey on the bottom of the sock and I didn't want that to show.

Step 3: Tie off the cut end of the sock

Before filling the snowman, you have to tie off the bottom, that way the rice won't spill out. I tied it as tight as I could using a piece of yarn.

Step 4: Fill the sock

Then, I started filling the sock. I found it spilled much less when I rolled the sock back as I filled.

Once the snowman was about ¾ full, I tied a string loosely around it where I wanted its head to be. This is just to give some definition and also it’ll give me a place to attach his scarf too.

Then, I filled it up all the way. I even gave it a bit of a pat, so the rice settled in and filled it a bit more. I wanted my snowman to look nice and full. Lastly, I tied off the top as tightly as possible.

Step 5: Make the hat

First I cut the top off a patterned sock. The elastic band looks like the band of a knit ski cap and because it's elastic, it stays on the snowman's head.

I tied a string to the end of the hat while it was on the snowman's head in order to make sure it was the right size.

Then, I trimmed off the extra sock material at the top of the hat.

Step 6: Make a scarf

I cut off a piece of sock the length I wanted his scarf to hang down.

Then, I cut little fringes on the end that was hanging down. The fringes are entirely optional. Next, I tucked the part of the scarf that hangs down into the string that defines the snowman's head.

Next, I cut a piece to wrap around the neck of the snowman. On other snowmen, I just cut a loop out of the sock and slid it over the head. This actually seems to stay on better than cutting a strip. Just make sure to cut your piece wide enough that you can tuck the top and the bottom underneath to hide its edges.

Step 7: Paint the face

I made two little black eyes and an orange carrot nose on my snowman using puff paint. Then, I took a little blush on a q-tip and gave him rosy little cheeks. It's cold in the snow! This step is totally optional but I felt it really added a lot. Don't add too much blush -- you don't want "ladies of the night" snowmen. Lastly, I added some buttons using white puff paint as glue and let it dry for a few hours laying on its back.

They're so cute and easy to make.

Suggested materials:

  • White socks
  • Patterned socks
  • Puff paint
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3 questions
  • Cha13882922
    on Dec 24, 2016

    How did you attach the head to the body of the sock snowman

  • Helen Van Horn
    Helen Van Horn
    on Oct 29, 2017

    Have you thought of a penguin with a black sock? I think that white sock could be used for the penguin chest. Thanks for sharing. Going to try.
  • Susan Douglas
    Susan Douglas
    on Oct 16, 2018

    Is this a tube sock without a heel? If there is no writing on the toe , do you have to cut it off?

    • Sandy
      on Nov 18, 2018

      No. Just fill the sock from the to then proceed as above.

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  • Lydia
    on Oct 2, 2019

    Oh how cute! You had me at the word " ⛄" snowman! I'm all in! Maybe a Mrs. to go along with the family? Could fashion a little apron.....mmm? Thanks for the great directions!

  • Sandra Hancock-Albritton
    Sandra Hancock-Albritton
    on Dec 15, 2019

    I have made a number of these. I used jiggle eyes and real buttons. I made a whole family for each family for each family for whom I was making them. Each snowman had something that made them personal to each person. I.e, one mom liked lady bugs, dad was a fisher, one family just had a baby (mom was holding a baby) etc. I’ve always had so much fun with these. My newlywed daughter and son-in-law have a bride and groom set. The possibilities are endless!

    • Sandra Hancock-Albritton
      Sandra Hancock-Albritton
      on Dec 15, 2019

      Excuse the typos. I wanted to clarify, the fisher was holding a fishing pole. If dad didn’t have a hobby or I couldn’t find anything, he was holding a snow shovel fashioned out of aluminum foil.

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