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DIY Brass and Wood Airplant Holder

Do you love all the airplants that you see? I love the look of them. I decide to make a few adorable brass holders for mine and they turned out so cute. For a fifteen minute project, you seriously can't beat it and when they aren't holding plants... place it on top of books or on a coffee table.
Personally, mine ended up in my formal dining room and I just love them. See how I styled and used them HERE.
Time: 15 Minutes Cost: $15 Difficulty: Easy
First things first, gather your supplies. You will need:
Tape Measure or Ruler
Brass Piping (found in the craft section)
Floral Wire (preferable gold - same color as piping)
Wood Beads with small hole
Wire snips
Craft Pipe Tube Cutter (found next to the craft brass piping)
Cut three pieces of your piping to 4". Follow directions on the pipe cutter to do this (usually you just place the pipe piece in between the cutter and turn a wheel to cut the pipe in half). Cut three pieces to 6".
Unravel a good size piece of wire and string on three pipe pieces (the 4" pieces). Wrap the wire together to form a triangle.
*When you make your triangle connect - wrap tightly but don't bunch the wire. You want the wire to look seamless so one firm wrap around is good.
Add two 6" pieces of brass piping to the wire.
Take the wire and connect it to an opposite corner (see above).
Thread your wire through the last 4" piping that doesn't have a 6" connection on it. Pull it up and place your last 6" pipe on. Add wood beads if you want them. Connect the wires at the top to form your triangle.
See more images/details of this step on my blog (link at bottom).
Place an airplant in the middle and call it a day. Since air plants don't require soil - you could even hang these brass pieces from a window or ceiling.
Get creative with them whether they are hanging from a spot in your house or on a bookshelf, table or bar cart. There are so many great options for them - I know you'll find one that works perfectly for you.
*Affiliate link below.
If you haven't seen airplants around you - don't worry! I buy most of mine online and this is my go-to store favorite ! They are affordable, always in amazing condition and ship fast. You'll love them.

To see more: http://biggerthanthethreeofus.com/diy-brass-wood-bead-airplant-holders/

Ask the creator about this project

    J FITZGERALD San Diego, CA
    on Jan 17, 2017

    Very creative, they appear to be amazing plants and apparently not much care, thanks for sharing .

    • Ashley@Biggerthanthethreeofus
      Ashley@Biggerthanthethreeofus Springfield, MO
      on Jan 17, 2017

      Thank you! Yes, they are super fun. You mist them to care for them and then give them a good soak every once in awhile. Easy!

  • Barb in Texas
    Barb in Texas Houston, TX
    on Jan 21, 2017

    These are so cute. Thanks.

    • Barb in Texas
      Barb in Texas Houston, TX
      on Jan 31, 2017

      Oh, and that source was wonderful! Wholly unsolicited opinion here, but what I bought was thoughtfully packaged, arrived quickly, and in excellent health.

  • Mary Russell
    Mary Russell Closplint, KY
    on Jan 21, 2017

    Wonder how elastic cord would work in place of the wire.

  • Amy
    Amy Leominster, MA
    on Jan 21, 2017

    I did something similar for a client who wanted custom cages around single socket pendant lights. I did a mock-up using 5" black plastic coffee stirrers (the ones that are like skinny straws) put together with nylon fishing line. She loved it so much, we made the rest out of the coffee stirrers! I wish I had a photo. The could be spray painted, as well. I asked her to use only LED bulbs to avoid any possible melting.

  • Birdz of a Feather
    Birdz of a Feather Canada
    on Jan 21, 2017

    I have an air plant that's hidden amongst my other plants; I'd love to make this to highlight it and move it into my craft studio :)

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