Easy DIY Easter Eggs

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easy diy easter eggs

  • foam brushes
  • mod podge (I used the matte option.)
  • different materials, such as washi tape, vintage hankies, thin fabric, an old scarf, decorative tissue paper, stickers
  • plastic or hard-boiled eggs (I used the matte-white, plastic eggs from craft stores for the sticker idea, and for the rest of the eggs, I used just the shiny, plastic eggs from the dollar store.)  
Idea 1: Stickers!  These were super-easy to do.  I didn’t apply any mod podge under the sticker….I only brushed it over the tops of the eggs, once the stickers were applied.  And suprisingly, after the mod podge dried, the glitter and the metallic gold on the stickers still looked amazing!

easy diy easter eggs

Idea 2:  Vintage hankies!  I cut up just one hankie, and it yielded 4 eggs.  This material was super-easy to apply!  Simply brush mod podge onto the egg.  Next, while the glue is still wet, apply the hankie strips to the egg, and smooth each strip out as carefully as you can.  Lastly, brush on a final coat of the mod podge.

easy diy easter eggs

The eggs might look a little scary at first, but that’s okay, give them overnight to dry, and the next morning, they’ll be beautiful!

easy diy easter eggs

Idea 3:  Tissue Paper!  This material was also very easy to apply.  First, I cut the paper into strips.  Next, as in the second idea, I applied the glue before and after applying the strips.

easy diy easter eggs

easy diy easter eggs

Idea 4:  Washi Tape!  I made sure to use thin strips of tape in order to prevent the sides from sticking out on the eggs.  But overall, they look great!  Obviously, as with the stickers, I only applied the glue after I attached the tape to the eggs.

easy diy easter eggs

easy diy easter eggs

So, there you have it.  Four simple diy Easter-egg crafts!  What is your favorite?  Do you have any other fun materials that you’ve used in the past?  I’d love to hear about them!  Comment below, or stop by and say hey on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook....I always love to hear from my sweet readers!

The Rustic Boxwood

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1 question
  • Rosalyn Johnson
    on Mar 16, 2017

    The items like washi tape and mud wap ? What are they ? We don't have them in England ?

    • The Rustic Boxwood
      on Mar 24, 2017

      Hey Rosalyn! Washi tape is just a fancy word for some fancy tape. That it! ;) Have you checked online? Amazon and craft stores like Micheal's or Hobby Lobby would be some good places to start. Also, I'm not sure that I'm following you with the "mud wap." Do you mean mod podge?

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