Table Leg Candle Holders

Something that I’m trying to do in our house is try to keep décor simple but classy and still show my colorful style (P.S. by the way: I’m super excited to reveal pictures of our reno once it’s all done! We’re about halfway there!!). I found an idea for making candle holders out of table legs, and aside from making them my own by changing how to assemble them, I also decided to make smaller versions for our new kitchen table we plan to build soon instead of huge ones that sit on the floor (though, someday when we have a bigger place and our kids are a little older, it would be nice to have them on a fireplace hearth or something like that). While I decided to keep these clean color-wise, I love how they go with any colorful bouquet of flowers or table setup. It’s amazing what some DIY candles and flowers will do to your eating space—and it always gives me the warm and fuzzies when I have fresh cut flowers displayed in our home.

Time: 1 HoursCost: $30Difficulty: Easy
  • table leg candle holders
  • table leg candle holders

STEP 1: Remove screw
Because I didn’t want to risk drilling into the Terra Cotta saucers and cracking them, I decided to remove the screws at the top ends of the table legs and use another method to attach the legs to the saucers. I simply used a pair of pliers to twist the screws out of the table legs.

  • table leg candle holders

STEP 2: Adhere saucers to legs
After the screws were removed, I mixed the epoxy according to the directions on the package and applied it to the table legs.

  • table leg candle holders

Make sure not to get this stuff on your hands! I got a teeny tiny bit on my hand and it did not feel good!

  • table leg candle holders

I flipped three of the saucers upside down and put the epoxy coated table leg end down on the saucer....

  • table leg candle holders

...then, I did the same for the top end of the table leg and attached another saucer (bottom side down) to it—this is where the candles will sit. Even though the epoxy package says it sets in 5 minutes, I let my candle holders sit for about an hour to ensure that they were set.

  • table leg candle holders

The cool thing about this particular epoxy applicator is that you can use the little black piece that came attached to it and put it back on the tip so it can be used again for another project.

  • table leg candle holders

STEP 3: Paint candle holders
Once the candle holders were assembled and completely dry, I painted them so that each of them looked like one holder from top to bottom. I chose a neutral, vintage white. Feel free to show your personality with these!

  • table leg candle holders

I ended up doing two coats of paint on these for a rich, solid finish.

  • table leg candle holders

I’m obsessed with these table leg candle holders!!! I want to make them for all over my house and as gifts! Because these will be in our kitchen and out of reach of tiny hands, I chose to use real candles; however, if you’re want to err on the side of caution, you can always use battery powered candles. Another step that you could add once the paint is dry on these candle holders is felt on the bottom if you’re afraid your holders may scratch whatever surface you plan to sit them on.

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  • DET5792034
    on Mar 18, 2017

    I am very impressed with your project, actually have an interest for candles and exactlly the way you have yours. Never thought of making my own, until maybe now, thanks so much for sharing.

      • Rob & Courtney M, Hometalk Team
        Rob & Courtney M, Hometalk Team Brooklyn, NY
        on Mar 18, 2017

        I was so intimidated by starting this project because I thought it was going to be more involved but that Gorilla brand epoxy was amazing and I was so surprised with how quick and easy these candle holders were to make! My husband keeps saying how they look store bough; one of his little sisters is getting married this fall so I plan to make a bunch of these for her bridal shower...maybe she'll even use them for the wedding itself.

      • Happy Days Hometalker
        Happy Days Hometalker San Diego, CA
        on Mar 19, 2017

        They are gorgeous !