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Hi Hometalkers! I hope everyone is doing well because I am! I had coffee this morning in my Oasis on the porch It was a beautiful morning with a temp of about 72 and a breeze blowing just right I sat there thinking about the day and how busy I was going to be but right now ... peace and calm. I 'm so happy with my Oasis!

Then my coffee was done and now time to start the day

Okay here is the rest of the things I did to my front porch--- scratch that My Oasis!

And remember I'm trying to do this for free by repurposing what I already have or making what I need

I'll start with the "party dress" netting I have a bunch of and I was not thrilled with the color at all but it is kind of growing on me now !

I measured the distance between wall and the pillar then laid out the material, added the 1x4's to the ends. I then stapled the netting down to the boards, put 2 hooks on each exposed side of the boards, wall and pillars.I made it like this so it could be removed whenever I wanted or needed. When it was up I painted the boards yellow to match the netting. One more thing finished !!

I didn't want the netting to hang so I used rope. By weaving the rope in and out of the material at the top and tying it off by the hooks !

I only did the lower half with netting because I didn't want to lose the sunlight on that end of the porch.

Next on my list of upgrades is some night light ! You know for ambience  

I came up with a curtain rod, a bun foot, a round piece of wood from the scrap pile, a big foam saucer from a planter, the inside of an 8 in embroidery hoop, the metal circle and spoke parts of an old lampshade and white Christmas lights! Wow that was a bunch of stuff ...

This is what I made of all that stuff! Super easy to make! I drilled a hole in the bottom of the pole so I could screw in the bun foot. I then glued the round scrap piece of wood to the saucer, the bun foot and pole were glued all together. I painted it all blue.

I then worked on the string lights by wrapping them around the embroidery hoop and attaching with twistie ties. One more thing how to attach hoop of lights to the pole... Hmmm I thought like a lampshade! And I have those parts. I attached that to the lights the same way with twistie ties (white).

I was going to hang the lights but that didn't work out and I love the standing light anyway !

There is more to come...


I put legs on the bar/console I made early from pallets. It needed to be a little bit taller.

I wanted to do something more to the window frames on the wall so I added clip roses (painted them white) to those two and ...

this one I added parts of an old wind chime. It was rusty, some of it was missing but I didn't throw it away, I saved for many years just waiting to do this to it !

I painted it and then hung it inside the frame! Cute huh!?

Still more...

I did a bunch of different terra cotta things. The middle one is two terra cotta pots on top of each other with a round piece of wood to use as a top. It could be used as a side table too!  

The other two stands are made with wire spools and terra cotta saucers as tops!

I have a couple more spool stands out there. I added a few more things like terra cotta candle holders, some terra cotta pedestals and some glass colored stars (I'm going to make the stars solar lights later).  

The last thing was the black netting from a canopy tent that broke last year but I saved the parts and the screen walls! Now it is the curtains on two sides and provides some more privacy! Again super easy stuff to do Hooks and rope, the screen already had velcro but I added some painted clothes pins to keep it more secure to the rope.

Another view from the steps.

This one is from the front

And this is the end of the porch. The rug I was going to use was awful even for this project (trash) and painting a rug just seemed to be a waste of paint, energy and time.  The porch will be torn down in a few months anyway. I can't save it to use it again so I decided not to do a rug.

That is my Oasis for now!

Remember free? I did it , no money spent on this project!

Remember nothing permanent? I did it, everything can be removed with easy!

I wanted color and I got that and more!

I will be loving my coffee and music in the mornings and the sun in the afternoons !

Thanks for taking a look at my projects!

I love all comments!!!

Suggested materials:

  • Spray paint  (on hand)
  • Acrylic paint  (on hand)

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  • Karen Stutzman
    on Jul 14, 2018

    Where did you get the spool stands? I would love those for my sewing room. So cute and comforting. I can imagine enjoying it with a cup, of tea.

    • Jennifer
      on Jul 14, 2018

      Thank you Karen! They are hard plastic wire spools (different sizes and types) and I make a lot of different things with these like plant stands, bird baths, fountains and like the table below I will post soon! That would be nice to set a cup of tea on and enjoy the surrounding!

      You really need to know someone in the electrical business, maybe someone rewiring a house or a contractor/electrician doing construction work. I have gotten some similar types from hardware stores that sell chain and rope too! I hope you find one to make for your sewing room!

  • 1cs1267
    on Jul 14, 2018

    I love the gypsy boho feel to your oasis … however, I must ask -- do you own any pets? I can't imagine our dogs or cats seeing this and not reeking havoc on all my work!!!!

    • Jennifer
      on Jul 14, 2018

      Yep I sure do, 2 inside kitties but no puppies ! We have friends with kids and dogs who come over but so far no accidents!! I'm much more worried they could hurt themselves instead of all my freebie upcycles Thank you Chr33335897!

  • Cem33362734
    on Jul 15, 2018

    How tall are the wire spools?

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  • Bernice H
    on Jul 15, 2018

    I love this..and am sure I will love the changes. But the colors and spools are what catch my eye mostly! Even showed hubs. Any shade of aqua / teal is ocean colors to me. I have them all over my house. 👏👏👏

  • Joanie
    on Jul 20, 2018

    This area is your relaxing, fun spot and I say, you love it......ENJOY it!!

    • Jennifer
      on Jul 20, 2018

      I do enjoy it  ! Going to put some bars on craigslist, just too much stuff out there now! Thank you!

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