Create a Splash of Color With This Wooden Pallet Pool Organizer

8 Materials
3 Days

Where do you hang your wet towels? Your pool noodles? Your life jackets and pool toys? Right here on this Wooden Pallet Pool Organizer. Easy project for any skill level.
This is a color to brighten the yard.
Find/Pick or purchase a wooden pallet. Some stores even give these out for free. This one was!
  1. Wash or hose the wooden pallet down with water and let dry. If it's muddy, you may have to use some soap to get it thoroughly clean.
  2. After it's fully dry, you can start to paint. I used an outdoor paint/ stain for this project seeing as it will be left outside all year round.
  3. Apply a liberal coat of paint and let dry. I usually wait 4+ hours between coats of paint. Since this color orange is quite bright, it took 3 coats of paint before it completely covered all of the wood.
  4. After the paint dried, I used a clear coat varnish for durability.
  5. I had bought some vintage door knobs at an antique market some time ago. I picked out 4 and sprayed a clear varnish on each of them so they would not rust. I let these dry for a few days.

Time to drill some holes.
  1. Using a measuring tape and pencil, I marked out the spot in which to drill the holes for the door knobs. Measure twice, drill once!
  2. The door knobs had larger screws on the back, so once put into place, I also added a nut at the back to secure it.
  3. When all 4 holes were drilled and all knobs were on, it was time to bring it to the back fence to secure into place.
  4. Using a level on top of the pallet and some long thick screws, my husband and I secured the pallet to the fence.

Yay! Glad a picked a bright color!
Once secured into place on the fence, it was time that I found a home for the pool noodles and our life jackets.
Complete! Next stop...jumping into the pool.

Suggested materials:

  • Wooden pallet  (Store/Pick or ask for free)
  • Outdoor paint/stain  (Hardware store)
  • Paint brush  (Home or Hardware store)
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2 questions
  • Patty V. Y
    Patty V. Y
    on Jul 29, 2017

    This is a great idea. Thinking of uses other than noodles and if I didn't have a planters bench would be cute with hooks for tools on a 6 ft. Privacy gate on patio side. I was also thinking smaller pots and herb plants. Thinking now other areas I could make this and do something cozy but rest of fence is in shady portions of the back yard... looking for ideas?
    • Nicole Frances
      Nicole Frances
      on Jul 30, 2017

      Hi Jewell
      i just made sure that I sealed the pallet and dried completely. There are some very heavy liquid sealers that you could use to ensure that this does not happen. This may also put ur husband at ease! Lol
  • Wilma Turcotte
    Wilma Turcotte
    on Jul 30, 2017

    I had a friend get me a couple of pallets but they are very rough and definitely would be almost impossible to paint. Can't seem to find any that look as nice smooth and boards that are as straight and evenly spaced as yours. Are there places that for whatever reason would have better quality pallets? Thanks..
    • Julie M.
      Julie M.
      on Aug 4, 2017

      I have sanded pallets with great smooth results.

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