When a DOOR Becomes SO Much MORE!!

3 Materials
6 Hours

My brother in law gave me a door from his rental, knowing I could do something with it. Well challenge accepted! I knew what I wanted to do, so I got started as soon as I could. Though with life and work, it took me a few days longer to finally complete. It wasn't that hard to do, more the cleaning up of things beforehand. Loving the end result May just hang my coat up and sit awhile.......
Step 1 is SAND the old door. This is the beautiful door AFTER being sanded. Didn't get a picture before, but it definitely looks alot better. And that doorknob is old and gorgeous!
Time to spray paint the door. This is good stuff to use. One coat covers very well and two isn't necessarily needed, but if you do, just all the better.
And here we go....getting her pretty. You can just TELL she's already feeling like a hundred bucks...but I'll make her look like a million!
Ahhhhh...if she were shoes, she would click her heels and squeal "Were not in Kansas anymore doorknob". Love the color!
Now here is the next part. Its the bench to go on the door. I wanted only a top and two sides, and to leave it open on the bottom so it can be a) moved easily,
b) take on the look of whatever floor its sitting on and c) be open to put shoes, a blanket, whatever underneath. And it was easy to screw these three peices to the door. Options....I love options......

Here is my Little Red Beauty in all her glory. She's now got hooks, a pillow and she's ready for her place in the sun, or by the door, or in a garden...she will look beautiful anywhere.
Here is my Little Red Beauty in all her glory. She's now got hooks, a pillow and she's ready for her place in the sun, or by the door, or in a garden...she will look beautiful anywhere. Molly even loves her. She would have sat on the bench if I would have let her, but this works too. And now, a few more pictures of her photo shoot!

Add a table....yes please.
Oh that doorknob...I wish I could have gotten closer without the picture blurring. Antique and just gorgeous!
Here's one inside our screened in porch.
And last with a wreath. Hope you enjoyed my project as much as I did making and showing it to you. This is just one of many door ideas around, but it's a versatile idea, and can be put anywhere inside or out! Now....onto the next one.

Suggested materials:

  • Door  (free)
  • Wood for bench  (Menards)
  • Spray paint & hooks  (Hardware store)

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  • Merelyn sale
    Merelyn sale
    on Aug 22, 2017

    Love the color. Will be neat where ever you place it. Great for Fall and hang Christmas stuff on it.
    • Lisa Cain
      Lisa Cain
      on Aug 22, 2017

      Good idea for Xmas. I moved it to outside on our front porch. IT's sitting between two windows with a black steel chair on each side, and wreath hanging on it. Thanks for the idea to change out wreath for holidays.

  • Lovesunique
    on Mar 20, 2019

    You mentioned hooks in your narrative but couldn't really see them in the pictures that well. Then I did! So a really nice repurpose and love how it looks. The bench/table, the color, the hooks!, the original door knob all wrap this up into the perfect décor for porch or inside the home. (I think I would anchor to wall or would you not?)

    • Lisa Cain
      Lisa Cain
      on Mar 20, 2019

      Yes, if I was for sure going to keep it in that spot, I would def anchor. Wasn't sure I was keeping it there when I first got it done. But agree, when the spot is found, anchor!! Thank you for such a nice reply!

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