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A Lovely Hutch Transformation

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dated 70s furniture is ugly but no more here is a lovely provincial hutch i decided to paint for s customer of mine and she lived it..what do think? If you have any questions I would love to answer them I don't have learned experience but I do have trial-and-error experience you can make chalk paint very easily or you can purchase it if you make it you just have to remember to sip the paint because it does
a lively hutch transformation
first i primed it exposing some wood ...then i used chalk paint sparingly with 2 coats . once dried i sanded the edges exposing black paint and wood... then wipe clean with a cloth... once that step is done clear coat it to seal chalk paint.. what an amazing process thus is such a stunning piece. i was planing on putting chicken wire in but item came with a wire grill. There are so many things that you can do with this project you can remove the glass and add more chicken wire you can paint the interior different color to make the inside pop you can add a light if you desire you can distress more than you wish or less it's endless with this project and I will be doing many more
a lively hutch transformation
here is the finished pirce.n o sanding required i love chalk paint... now if you like Victorian this is great if you want it more country change it up a bit and add some more color or take some sandpaper and distress it more the possibilities are endless the beauty part of chalk paint is you don't have to prime or sand the chalk paint will last forever my biggest pet peeve though is to add wax wax you have to repeat after 2 years so I clear coat or polyurethane coat it and it will last forever just make sure that the area is well-ventilated use a good brush don't use a cheap inexpensive brush because the fibers will stick to the paint find yourself a project and do this if you have any questions I'd love to answer them
a lively hutch transformation
this is showing the sanded piece with the the thought of removed doors headed decided the look til painted wow what a transformation this will be you can change it up so many different ways
a lively hutch transformation
And here is the item with only one coat and more distressed and sanding didn't like it at this stage although my customer did the second photo up above is the actual finished product so here you can see that you can have many different transformations to get the look you want so decide to play with it you're all my photos tell me which one you like the best

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  • This has been stored for years totally dated but great bones i stared at it for the longest time. then a client asked me yo look for a hutch to paint and walla! So this project wasn't terribly expensive I purchased the hutch for $100 I made my own chalk paint and sifted it you can purchase your own chalk paint but it's really expensive little bit of sandpaper some elbow grease and a little bit of time and you have yourself a wonderful project this item didn't cost me much go out to the thrift store purchase a hutch purchase a dresser anything you name it and less possibilities out there for those do-it-yourselfers I can't even imagine not doing this all of my furniture in my house is painted  (estate sale $100)

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