My "Croffice"! That is Craft Room and Office Combined.

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3 Months

Keep in mind I am on a fixed income, so I would like to say mine looks like some I have seen on line. But the truth is, I have one overused work table and never enough room.

In this room I do my computer stuff, store fabric and yarn, wooden items, paint, buttons, jar lids, and more jewelry than I like to think about. I crochet and make wreaths, sew, paint and burn wood, and dream of someday having a bigger place.

But, I do the best I can with what I have. I hope those who have been asking for it N-JOY!!
Here is a cabinet where I can easily store craft materials.
As you can see I have many tools to work with-all in one space!
My desk where I can do work.
My croffice is always in flux. I sell things and have room to pull things from the supply closet that is about 54 cubic feet. I try and make two crafts a day for the money I get for posting them. But I am inflicted with a malady known at SABLE. That is Stash Aquisiton Beyond Life Expenctancy!!

Suggested materials:

  • Everything in room came from  (My home)

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  • Bonbon
    on Sep 4, 2017

    Bonbon, After writing I lost you , I've found you again.

    As a SABLE, I still have my wood burning set, my copper for small projects tools and my leather tools for making wallets, etc. All are from Hi Sc arts classes. When you figure I'm still crafting but after 27yrs teaching primary grades, Ive collected various other items, I'm now 89yrs, but still love crafting and reading. I'll get some guys to help me move things and collect scattered craft materials and carry them from garage. I'll have a blast!! setting things up. Thanks a million for inspiring me to get to it.
  • Pat Ruge
    on Sep 7, 2017

    My name is Pat and I am a SABLE. Thank goodness we found a safe place where we can express ourselves and feel the support and encouragement. Keep up the great work.
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