Music Lover's Decoupage Table

Sometimes a piece of furniture has a top that just isn't salvageable as was the case with this table someone gave me. It was a cheaper wood so refinishing was not an option. So what can you do? Decoupage!
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  • music lover s decoupage table
Definitely worth saving!
  • music lover s decoupage table
The top was a mixture of paints, varnish and stains. Since it couldn't be sanded or restores, covering was the best option. The entire table got a quick coat of white chalk paint and was distressed lightly. Then it was time for the top.
  • music lover s decoupage table
I love using old book pages for decoupage projects. I know many people make COPIES of the pages and use those instead of the actual pages. This is fine but unless it's a very valuable book, I prefer the old pages as they absorb better and in this case the varnish I used on top gave really interesting patterns and coloring.
  • music lover s decoupage table
Tear the edges of the pages so they lay flatter and absorb the Mod Podge better, laying flat and not pulling up. Working in sections, I applied Mod Podge using a foam brush to the table top, laid the pages down and applied a LIGHT coat of Mod Podge on top of the pages. You may have to water down the Mod Podge a bit if the pages are particularly fragile to prevent tearing.
  • music lover s decoupage table
Once the table top was dry, I applied a coat of matte finish varnish. The varnish soaked further into the paper creating all of these great dark patches. If you used a really thick coat of Mod Podge on top (which is fine), you won't get as much 'discoloration' with the varnish. The amount of discoloration will vary greatly depending on the age of the papers you are using.
  • music lover s decoupage table
I decided to continue the 'music theme' by adding this quote to the lower shelf using my pencil transfer method

  • music lover s decoupage table
A table that would have ended up in the trash has new life!

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