Lazy Susan Brings Organization for an Artist

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When I'm not doing Projects around the house, I am a Fine Art artist. I received a gift of 48 tubes of Acrylic paint. I had run out of a convenient place for storage. It had to be easily accessible for me to chose colors as I was painting.

I had an old Lazy Susan that measured 14" across. That would become my storage place.
Drawing divider lines on washed LS
Drawing divider lines on washed LS
The Lazy Susan (LS) need only to be washed. I used Dove and water sparingly to wipe the LS. You don't want to run wood through the dishwasher or soak it in any form of liquid.

Once it was clean I drew pie shape lines around the entire surface. I always attempt to use materials that I already have. In this case, it was double thick cardboard. I cut 12 pieces of the cardboard 7" X 3" to go from the center to the perimeter. Then I hot glued each piece on the lines I had drawn.

lazy susan brings organization for an artist
In order to locate each color quickly, I painted the color in the groove of the LS.

I then hot glued some cardstock paper to the tops of the dividers. The color of the cardstock matched the color of the paint in that section.
The best part about all this organization and color matching is that the Lazy Susan turns. No more getting up from my chair to get close enough to the drawers (where the paints used to be kept) to pick a paint. Had I been making this storage for someone other than myself, I would have used plywood or partical board, cut very thin, for the dividers.
Painted groves and cardstock
Painted groves and cardstock
I finished gluing the cardstock and filling each section with the corresponding color.
Complete except for the cardstock
Complete except for the cardstock
I placed the Lazy Susan on my plastic cabinet, next to my easel and chair. It fits perfectly and when I'm painting it should be easier to access the desired paints.
The finished project
The finished project
This Lazy Susan Organizer can be used for crayons, legos, hair accessories, ribbon, and many other items. When children have to put away their things a color coordinated storage could be ideal to get the job done.
Lazy Susan next to my easel
Lazy Susan next to my easel

Suggested materials:

  • Wood Lazy Susan  (Had it already)
  • Cardboard double layered  (Had it already)
  • Acrylic Paints  (Had them already)
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