Kids Various Ball Holder

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1 Hour

I have two boys with at least two or three of almost every ball known to man! I kept tripping over them, could not keep up with them. Here is my solution to control! (I am all about some control over the mess!). Did not take any pictures as it went to fast to think about it!! Sorry!
kids various ball holder
This is the after picture..
This is the after picture..
I took a 2x4 left over from some other project, and measured the space between the garage doors. I then cut two of them the length I wanted. Drilled 5 big holes into each board, On one side, the size of the ends of the bungee cords I was using.
kids various ball holder
thinking back, I should have used a bigger drill bit. ( for the hooks to go further in) You also need to have the measurement of how tall or long of bungee cords you are going to utilize for the space. I then used a drill and screws and screwed the 2x4’s into the wall.. placed/stretched the bungee cords and simply placed some of the most used balls into the “straps” and..
kids various ball holder
skadosh!!!!! There ya go!!!
some sort of organization!!!

Suggested materials:

  • Bungee cords  (Walmart)
  • 2 x 4 scrap  (Wood pile)
  • Screws  (Left over from previous project)

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