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Where to Keep the Toilet Paper

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If you do not want to put a dispenser on the wall, or you rent and cannot drill holes, here are three solutions to keep your toilet paper accessible. These holders keep the rolls in easy reach and easy storage and require no tools or holes to drill. The portable storage holders are especially handy for those who have limited storage space. You can take them to the cabin, use in a camper, in a small home or anywhere you do not want to put a dispenser on a wall.

where to keep the toilet paper

I cut off the dowel rod and slipped it through the handles of the basket to use it for the dispensary of the paper. It also holds 4 or more rolls in the bottom. I can put more in the basket if I choose. It easily holds a package of 6 rolls in it. I can also roll up wash cloths or hand towels to store them in the basket with the tp.

where to keep the toilet paper

This was an easy step to set up.

where to keep the toilet paper

These wooden looking commodes are crafted as tp dispensers. I have had this one for years. Some times people add lace or ribbon to them and paint or stencil them. I left mine looking "all natural." You can make one or get one at many craft stores. The "lid" opens to replace the roll. There is a hinge at the back of the lid.

where to keep the toilet paper

The bottom half dispenses the tp.

where to keep the toilet paper

A third solution is to put it on a vertical dowel rod. This will fit into any small area of the bathroom.

where to keep the toilet paper

I set this one in a bucket of sand with a few of my rocks from the rock garden to brace it. It could be based any number of ways to hold the rod up. Even a simple Paper towel dispenser that sits on the counter could be used to hold 2 or 3 tp rolls. This one has a whole package of 6 on it.

I love thinking out of the box to find simple and practical solutions that do not cost an arm and a leg. Some of you with creative artistic ideas can think of a number of ways to adapt these to your home and make them more appealing. I had almost all the materials on hand to make these so I only suggested a low cost for the tp dispensers.

Suggested materials:

  • Dowel rod cut in 1/3 and 2/3 the length  (craft store or on hand)
  • Wooden commode  (Made it from plywood)
  • Paper towel dispenser or rod an bucket  (On hand or from department stores)

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