Asked on Oct 5, 2020

How can I change the look of this solid wood stained table?

Agnes ChrzanowskaKmdreamerChristy West


I want it to b in light color as the room has wooden walls. Can I paint a stained table? What other options, beside painting , do I have? Pls suggest some ideas other than painting too!!!

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  • Vimarhonor
    on Oct 5, 2020

    Hello. Would you consider chalk paint?

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    on Oct 5, 2020

    You sure can paint it! It will look great. Just be sure to sand it well and prime it with a good quality primer before you paint.

    • Em
      on Oct 5, 2020

      You don't have to sand and prime with chalk paint.

  • K. Rupp
    K. Rupp
    on Oct 5, 2020

    Sure you can paint a stained table. First you will need to sand it smooth. Sand with lower number (in the 100's) and work your way up to 220 sandpaper. Then primer it. Then I would steel wool or lightly sand again before you add your paint coats. You can use a brush or my favorite to use is a paint sprayer. Steel wool in between coats to get a really smooth finish. After painting,You can finish it off with a topcoat like General Finishes or poly.

  • Chalk paint is the easiest way to paint over this table. Be sure to clean it well, give it a coat of primer and then paint & seal.

  • I would use chalk paint in a white or cream colour.

  • Chloe Crabtree
    Chloe Crabtree
    on Oct 5, 2020

    I would paint it. Your choice of paint color, but I swear by milk paint. Here is a milk paint project I did for reference.

  • Redcatcec
    on Oct 6, 2020

    If you would like to lighten the color ofo the wood, you will have to strip off what is on there now, I use Citrix, it is the most non-toxic stripper out there. After stripping it, here is a link on how to lighten the wood:,change%20the%20color%20before%20applying%20it.%20Method%201

    It is a beautiful table, just love the top of it and pattern of the wood.

    Oh, almost forgot, be sure to remove the hardware before you begin.

  • Recreated Designs
    Recreated Designs
    on Oct 6, 2020

    Hi, you can most definitely paint it. You should have no problem. If you choose a paint like Annie Sloan, just give the piece a light sanding and paint away. If you choose a latex, give it a deeper sanding, apply primer and then paint. You can also restain with a stain like General Finishes gel stains. They are made to go over a pre-existing stain. You give it a sand and then stain away... the only thing is that you usually have to go darker with this option.

  • You can lighten the wood but that would involve sanding off the old stain and in this case, that would be quite complicated. You can definitely paint it; do a light sand or use a sanding sealer, then a paint primer then paint. You're really only limited by your imagination -- you could mosaic or decoupage the top, paint the sides, gold or silver leaf even.

  • William
    on Oct 6, 2020

    Priming and painting would be the easiest. Sanding for staining would be tough with all the patterns and insets in the doors. You can try stripping the old finish if you want to stain.

  • Simple Nature Decor
    Simple Nature Decor
    on Oct 6, 2020

    Painting it a light color and add a stencil on top

  • Dee
    on Oct 6, 2020

    First clean withe TSP or KrudKutter, then lightly sand and prime with a good bonding stain blocking primer like Zinser or Kilz. Use a good brush like Purdy or a mohair roller and paint. I would use eggshell paint. Or you can chalk paint and seal.

  • Betsy
    on Oct 7, 2020

    Hi Pinks: You can't really lighten it, and I can see a bit of your wall and it looks like it matches pretty good. What you might do is to get a piece of glass, or plexiglass, cut to match the top and put something under that so you don't see the top so much. It's beautiful;

  • Sharon
    on Oct 7, 2020

    I painted 2 of these for a boho-chic look for the Boys n Girls Club lounge. I painted them a base color of pale lime green, deep blue, and pale purple jam, and then painted paisleys in those colors on the side doors.

    I sanded, and primed with Zinseer Bulls-eye to prevent the stain from bleeding through. Then used satin paint in the 3 colors.

  • Chas' Crazy Creations
    Chas' Crazy Creations
    on Oct 8, 2020

    Yes you can paint it. I've redone some furniture and you can see them here with the tutorials on how I did it -

  • Maura White
    Maura White
    on Oct 8, 2020

    I'd leave the top the way it is and then get some modern hardware and paint the bottom antique white. You could add some distressing around the details in the wood.

  • Morgan McBride
    Morgan McBride
    on Oct 9, 2020

    I'd spray paint it because of the intricate paneling

  • Christy West
    Christy West
    on Oct 9, 2020

    I painted this one SW Urbane Bronze. It holds games. It used to be painted light blue, with the wood showing through. My daughter had it as a bedside table. The dimensions are awkward, and I’ve mostly used it in corners. The paint on the top has scratched off easily, so make sure you protect the top after you paint it.

  • Kmdreamer
    on Oct 10, 2020

    Milk paint it,stencil a big rose on it.

  • Agnes Chrzanowska
    Agnes Chrzanowska
    on Nov 1, 2020

    You sure can paint it! It will look great. Just be sure to sand it well and prime it with a good quality primer before you paint.

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