ReCycle Upcycle ReUse~ Old Beam Flashlight Turned Into Potting Soi

ReCycle Upcycle ReUse
Old Beam Flashlight turned into Potting Soil Shovel Diggers
I was over-joyed yesterday when my husband gave me a second old broken flash beam light! I just took off the screws and had two pieces that I use for digging out of the very large bag the products I use to make potting soil.
I make my own soil since we have a lot of clay here by using sphagnum peat moss , sand, and Good Ol' Mother Earth, topsoil, sometimes potting soil. I add bone meal to this and this re-cycled Up-cycled Shovel Digger helps me to collect my sphagnum peat soil and from the large bag it comes in. Same thing with vermiculite if I use it and I collect sand for mixing as filler. It makes my potting soil much less compact for my gardening.
Just an idea I saw in this Old Flashlight Beam ready for the trash!
Smiles, Cyndi
Beam Flash Light ready for trash, does not work anymore , Recycle, Upcycle, Re-Use
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Use for your Peat Moss or other kinds of Soil Digger to remove from large bags
I use to add my sphagnum peat soil and sand together, then I mix together with my spade. I also add bone meal for my potting soil.

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      • Douglas Hunt
        Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
        on Feb 28, 2015

        Interesting. Did you think of keeping the two pieces together? Seems like it might scoop more and make a more comfortable handle.

        • Lori
          Lori Canada
          on Feb 28, 2015

          That is what I thought too but we have to admit this was pretty smart.