easy way to clean sterling silver heirlooms, cleaning tips

Easy Way to Clean Silver Heirlooms

Here is an easy way to clean pieces, sterling and/or plate silver with a large pot of hot hot water and baking soda! Full tutorial, credits and additional resources are in link at bottom. As with any cleaning technique, test this process on a small piece.
I started with a sterling silver pitcher. My thought was go big or go home. It was covered with decades of tarnish.

homemade glass cleaner, cleaning tips, When the 5 year old makes a mess on the bathroom mirror he s responsible for cleaning it up

Homemade Glass Cleaner

What's a mom to do when the kids make a mess on the bathroom mirror? Have them clean it with a natural, non-toxic alternative to Windex, of course! You probably have everything you need to make this in your pantry right now. Ingredients: 1 cup rubbing alcohol 1 cup water 1 tablespoon white vinegar Pour into a clean spray bottle and fill with tap water. Hand the spray bottle and a few clean rags to the kids and set them to work!

making grandma s silver shine again, cleaning tips, Can you tell which side had a bath

Making Grandma's Silver Shine Again!

After my grandma graduated to Heaven, my mom gave me some of her silver and I wanted to make it shine as beautifully as my grandma was! After MUCH research (and many failed attempts) I found the quickest, easiest & VERY effective method! A foil bath!

an amazing way to remove scuff marks from dinnerware

An Amazing Way to Remove Scuff Marks From Dinnerware!

Over time and with heavy use, ceramic plates, dishes, bowls, and other dishes get those little dark scuff marks on them which make them not so pretty. My mom gave me a set of Correlle plates and bowls when I left for college. After a few years, they weren't pristine anymore. Thankfully I found a super easy, quick, and cheap way to get them back!

how to clean silver easily, cleaning tips, how to

How to Clean Silver, Easily!

My tarnished silver was getting me down, but there was no way I was doing all that polishing! Instead, I decided to try this baking soda silver cleaning trick I've been seeing all over the internet. I'm sure you've seen it too, but there are several versions of it, and I wanted to know which version was the one that actually worked - and why. So, after doing some research, I chose to use baking soda, aluminum foil, and a pot of boiling water. Here's how...

keep copper clean clever copper creations, cleaning tips

Keep Copper Clean & Clever Copper Creations

The Home & Garden Television (HGTV) network has selected copper as the “Color of the Month” for March and who are we to argue with the TV trendsetters? To stay in vogue, pull your copper pieces from the back of your kitchen cabinet and display them proudly. What's that? Your copper is tarnished and dull? We've got a fix!
Because copper can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher, it often accumulates black and brown spots and loses its luster. To clean your copper and restore its metallic brilliance, all you need is one lemon and a pinch of salt. Here's how:

how to clean up vintage metal hardware the easy peasy way, cleaning tips, how to, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

How To Clean Up Vintage Metal Hardware ~ the Easy-peasy Way!

Here's a quick tip for restoring vintage metal hardware to its shiny glory using a product found in most refrigerators.

how to clean silver, cleaning tips, how to

How to Clean Silver

You may remember that I found this silver platter at the thrift store for half price. Its no surprise that people were passing this up, I mean look how dirty and tarnished it is. Well, I am a thrifty chick and was drawn to the engraving and holly detail so I bought it hoping I could revive it.

bring brass back and how to clean it naturally, cleaning tips, Once finished your brassy pieces should be ready to strut their stuff Brass is back baby

Bring Brass Back! (And How To Clean It Naturally)

I have become taken by all-things-golden. While perusing the aisle of the thrift store, I stumbled upon some brass pieces. I realized: this is golden, and doesn't even need the help of spray paint! Unforunately, neglected pieces need some love, so with products already in my house, I managed to bring back the lustre of these pieces. Brass is misunderstood - using it as an accent is actually very effective (and on trend, as well!)

green mirror cleaner

Green Mirror Cleaner -- Using Old Newspapers!

I got this great trick from my dear friend Cori. It's her favorite green cleaning trick -- she actually describes it as "life changing". She uses newspaper and water to clean her mirrors and windows. The newspaper takes off all the smudges, dirt, makeup etc. and doesn't leave any streaks behind. Easy eco cleaning, for the win!!
Step 1: Gather Your Materials

making fabulous fabric flowers

Making Fabulous Fabric Flowers!

Ever wonder how to make those cute, little flowers you see on headbands, shirts, purses and everywhere else? It's actually not that difficult. Check out this tutorial, complete with printable templates (as needed), for making a French Pouf, Rosette and Ruffled fabric flowers.For pictures and full tutorial, please see full post at: http://www.oneprojectcloser.com/make-fabric-flowers-tutorial/

clean and re purpose candle holders, cleaning tips, repurposing upcycling, End result Nice clean ready to use glass holders

Clean and Re Purpose Candle Holders

I love to recycle when I can, so all these used candle holders I had on hand were waiting to be cleaned and reused. Visit our blog for a step by step easy way to remove the wax and metal wick holder.

a fun little trick for used candle jars

A Fun Little Trick For Used Candle Jars

Truth time: Have you ever bought a candle because it came in a cute jar?
We’re guilty as charged. Sometimes, those pretty jars are more enticing than the scents they hold. But when the candle is spent and your jar is covered in those little wax remnants, things are decidedly less attractive.
You can get rid of the wax completely in three easy steps. To reuse your pretty jars, try this trick:

the easiest way to remove old wax from a candle jar, cleaning tips, crafts, repurposing upcycling

The Easiest Way to Remove Old Wax From a Candle Jar

One of my most favorite things to do when I'm relaxing around the house is to burn a sweet smelling candle. I must get this from my Dad actually because he always seems to have one burning.

the easy way to clean and polish copper

The Easy Way To Clean And Polish Copper

I love adding copper to our fall decor. It adds a fun pop of shine and the color is perfect for the season. When I was at the thrift store a few weeks ago, I found some amazing copper pieces to add to my new wood tray for our coffee table. The only problem was that the copper pieces had lost their shimmer and shine. I still liked them but I needed to bring their luster back and I found the easiest way to do it.

how to remove wax candle jar easy, how to

How to Get Wax Out of a Candle Jar Easily!

This is such a quick and easy way everyone should be doing it!

cleaning tips copper chemical free, cleaning tips, repurposing upcycling

Chemical Free Copper Cleaner

I love finding copper pieces at yard sales and antique fairs. Although some of those pieces may not look as though they have been loved over the years, I have found that with a little elbow grease the aged look the pieces acquire can transform to become the beautiful copper pieces they once were.
I did not want to use store bought chemical cleaners, so in a search for an easy, chemical free way to polish I came across this simple recipe and gave it a try, the results were amazing!

mirror cleaning for a better selfie, cleaning tips

Mirror Cleaning for a Better Selfie

Okay, I've decide to go out of the box with this cleaning tip, and I hope you find the funny side of it. Mirrors deserve as much cleaning attention as any other place in your home. However, many household tend to neglect the glass services in their homes even though to clean a mirror you need no more than half an hour of your time.
To have a streak-free mirror you need:
1. Microfibre cloth

cleaning up old hardware

Cleaning up Old Hardware

I started doing this a few years ago when we were refinishing an old, wooden door, and decided I should share this helpful hint. Ever have a piece of furniture (or a door) that had pretty hardware, but beneath layers of paint and/or grime? Well, this is a great way to brush those layers away!

rust restoration, crafts, repurposing upcycling, Go find yourself a rusty fire pit and enjoy it on a table as an architectural detail in your house or as a light

Rust Restoration

I picked this rusty fire pit out of the bowels of trash hell! I wanted to use it outdoors as a hanging light or fill it with sedum as a vertical garden. But in order for it to not eventually disintegrate, I had to do some restoration.
You can do this with anything rusty that you want to be able to use but not have it continue to rust. This process is sooo simple! See the pictures for explanation and then get to it! I can NOT decide if I still want to use it outdoors or if I want to use it inside as my kitchen light! If I transform it further, I'll let you know
Disclaimer: You CANNOT use this again as a fire pit! Linseed oil is flammable as is polyurethane.

the no scrub way to de scale a kettle, cleaning tips

The No Scrub Way to De-Scale a Kettle

If you have hard water and use a kettle to boil water, this simple and easy tip will remove hard water build up with very little effort.
You will need:

how to clean wax from candle jars, organizing, repurposing upcycling

How to Clean Wax From Candle Jars

Here's an easy way to recycle old waxy candle jars. They can then be used for storage and organization around your home. They look so pretty displayed on a shelf, and are perfect to hold your random art supplies.

how to shine the silver for the holidays, cleaning tips

Shining The Silver For The Holidays

Do you love the glimmer of the holiday season? November is the perfect time to take stock of your silver pieces and start shining things up.

copper cleaning tips ketchup, cleaning tips

The Only Ingredient You Need to Clean Copper

I had an old copper washtub that was my Grandma's. It was dented, scratched and had a greenish cast to it. It was not a pretty sight but to me it was beautiful!

saving mom s silver, cleaning tips

Saving Mom's Silver

My Mom passed in 1997. She had a small estate in California which my West Coast siblings settled. I was grateful for the items that were set aside for me to remember her by. One of those things was a shoe-box filled with severely tarnished silver. My older sister remarked that they couldn't be worth much but they had thought if anyone could do something with them it was me. I know the fact that it was wildly mismatched as well as tarnished had greatly reduced any value the others may have seen in it.