cool smoke detectors, home decor, home security, The Chick a Dee won a design contest and certainly grabs some attention in a good way

Cool Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors have always been a thorn in my side for decor. There are so few options that lend to...

little barn door for home security, crafts, doors, home security, how to

Little Barn Door for Home Security

In the news lately there have been reports of people putting cameras on the outside of peepholes to...

how to repair a fence picket, fences, how to

How to Repair a Fence Picket

Recently I (Vicki) noticed a build up of organic material up against the side of my A/C fence...

what type of smoke alarm do you have, electrical, home improvement, home maintenance repairs

What Type of Smoke Alarm Do You Have?

Most homes are equipped with ionizing smoke alarms. Find out why the old-fashioned photoelectric...

fall preventive maintenance 7 tips that will protect your home, heating cooling, home maintenance repairs, Get off to a good start this fall with 7 preventive maintenance tips

Fall Preventive Maintenance: 7 Tips That Will Protect Your Home

This past week I was on the receiving end of bad news-we had to replace a bad boiler that was 19...

how to install a smoke alarm, home maintenance repairs, home security, how to

How to Install a Smoke Alarm

If I had known how easy it was to replace the whole smoke detector, I would have done it when we...

7 quick home inspections that could save your life, home decor, home improvement, home maintenance repairs

7 Quick Home Inspections That Could Save Your Life

We bet that you lock your doors at night and keep your kids away from the medicine cabinet, but if...

how to survive a blizzard, home maintenance repairs, how to, hvac, outdoor living

How To Survive A Blizzard

It has been one of those winters!
It seems as if no matter what part of the country you live in,

yale digital door lock review touchscreen keyless, doors, home maintenance repairs, how to

Touchscreen Locks: End the Need for Keys

If you're like me you lose keys or can't find them when you need them!!
So this past weekend I

new year s resolutions for your home part one

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home - Part One

We all make resolutions every January but do we keep them? Did you ever think of making resolutions...

tropical storm sandy may hit here are some storm tips to think about, home maintenance repairs, Much of the wood falling in a storm has interior damage by insects


The last October storm was a snowstorm which was awful for all in the NE and Mid Atlantic. This...

how to protect your home from burglary, home security

Protect Your Home From Burglary

According to the FBI, over two million burglaries occur each year in the United

my little dog found out she could escape under the chain link fence, fences, landscape, This a just part of her escape corner it ran 3 lengths The gap between the fence and the ground was anywhere from1 to 4 inches

My Little Dog Found Out She Could Escape Under the Chain Link Fence.

I had to find a cheap solution to the problem & fast.

new year resolutions for your home part two

New Year Resolutions for Your Home - Part Two

If you missed part one, In part two, I’ll show you three more resolutions for your home.

home protection in 2014 is your home security system out of date, home security

Home Protection in 2014: Is Your Home Security System Out of Date?

Home security systems have evolved dramatically over the past decade. No longer do they simply sound...

the different types of smoke alarms, home maintenance repairs

The Different Types of Smoke Alarms

The presence of a smoke alarm in a household can help to save lives if the unexpected occurs and a...

sliding door security

Sliding Door Security

This is not my most complicated post by a long shot. My elderly mother just had spinalsurgery and...

add a light to a key, lighting, Now my key has a light

Add a Light to a Key

Frog Leggs stick on lights have saved me a lot of fumbling in the dark to unlock both my car and my...

10 steps to successful indoor flooding cleanup, cleaning tips, how to

10 Steps to Successful Indoor Flooding Cleanup

Flooding can occur after a heavy rain, appliance malfunction, or plumbing leak. Quick action is...