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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Carrie from Thirty Eighth Street took an old, discarded dresser and repurposed it into this amazing ombre media cabinet in Liquorice!
Today, I want to demonstrate an easy and simple way to convert a dresser into a media cabinet. Repurposing a dresser into a media console is an inexpensive way to get a custom piece without breaking the bank. And yes! Those with even the most basic DIY skills can do this!

I found an ad advertising this dresser that happened to be already 60% sanded. The previous owner was in the process of refinishing this piece when he quickly got discouraged and stopped. Isn’t it amazing how one person can see a glass half empty and another one can see it half full? The poor gentlemen just wanted it out of his garage. I actually liked what he had going on and in a minute I’ll show you how I used that to my advantage!
I started this repurposing project by removing the top two middle drawers. Then, I took a screw driver, loosened the screws and removed the drawer rails. That left me with some wide open spaces to create a few shelves for TV components.
To create shelves, I took measurements for the bottom inset and sides. I measured and cut the wood then adhered them with wood glue, clamps and a nail gun. If you don’t own a saw to make the cuts, some big box hardware stores will offer to make the cuts for you.
I loved the original heavily sanded areas and decided to work with this new media cabinet and give it an ombre finish. I used Country Chic Paint in Liquorice to painted the top half of the piece with full coverage, gradually thinning, blending and distressing as I reached the bottom.

Here is the result!
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  • All-in-One Decor Paint   (Country Chic Paint)
  • Wood Glue
  • Nail Gun
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  • Vita Vita on Dec 29, 2018

    what did you seal & protect the top with as a top coat?

  • Joann bresloff Joann bresloff on Jan 03, 2019

    Where did you find the pottery pieces. I love them!

  • S S on Feb 20, 2019

    Love it! this is the best thing I've seen on this site.

    The way the bottom portion is heavily distressed is the best thing about this, along with the refinished hardware (that looks original) and adding the shelving inside. Oh, here's my question...

    When you said you achieved the effect by "gradually thinning" the paint, do you mean you actually diluted the paint, or just applied less of it? If diluted, did you use water, glaze, or something else to prevent the clay base from becoming cloudy?

    (I get the "blending" & "distressing" part of it). Great job on this!

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  • Carol Willis-Holden Carol Willis-Holden on Feb 20, 2019

    Freakin' gorgeous!

  • Shirley Hackley Shirley Hackley on Mar 06, 2019

    I owned a dresser just like this one 40 years ago that dresser will last another 40-50 or more years as long as creative people like you can see the the beauty in an older discarded items it looks great thanks for the memories