Old Cot to Child's Bench

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5 Hours
Saw an old cot with mattress on a local free site, we are in the process of doing up our garden for our special needs son.... Thought I could use the cot to make a bench.
Standard four sided cot.
Erected cot except for one side. Cut baton to length with tapered ends. Screwed 4th side of the cot to the batons to make a canopy.
Painted the whole thing with blue gloss outdoor paint.
Used an old pair of tab top curtains to make removable covers. Made covers to fit the cot mattress and the spare piece of foam. Added ties to the corners when sewing so I could tie them in place, these are not necessary, but my son fidgets, so they need to be tied into place. Luckily I had enough of the curtain material to make the canopy. By sewing one tab top to the back of the canopy, it gives it extra detail instead of having a straight edge. I have simply threaded fabric strips through the four corners of the tabs to tie the canopy in place. All is removable to wash or put away for winter.
Suggested materials:
  • Cot   (Cot was free off local giveaway site. We had screws, spare foam, baton and curtains already.)
  • Batons
  • Screws
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