Old Yoga Mat? 5 Ways to Reuse It

Julien K., Hometalk Team
by Julien K., Hometalk Team
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Whether you've replaced your old yoga mat with a new one or you have one that sits in your closet untouched - don't throw it out! There a great options to reuse it and who doesn't like that? These 5 clever hacks will have you putting that old mat to good use in not time.
Be sure to give your old yoga mat a good wipe down with a proper cleaning spray.
Hack No. 1 - Cut a small square out of your yoga mat.

Trace a circle out of a small round object. I used an embroidery hoop. Cut out your circle.
Say "good-bye" to tight jar lids. You've got yourself a handy gripper that will unscrew the toughest of jars and containers.
Hack No.2 - Use a quarter or a small coin to trace out multiple circles. Cut them out with scissors.
Apply a small dab of glue to each circle.
No more scratched floors! Attach them to the bottom of chairs, couches, tables, and more. You've just made some furniture pads.
Hack No.3 - Trace a small cutting board onto a piece of your yoga mat. Cut it out.
Boom! You just made your own mouse pad.
Hack No.4 - Old yoga mats make for great drawer/cabinet liners. They are spongy, durable and non-slip! Plus, you have so many color and pattern options too.
Hack No.5 - Hot pot? Protect your counter top with this clever trivet style counter protect. No hot spots to see here!
Suggested materials:
  • Yoga mat   (on-hand)
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  • John Bennick John Bennick on May 29, 2017

    Would a yoga mat work as a huge mouse pad or is it too bumpy?

  • Patty Patty on May 29, 2017

    Won't a hot pot melt the rubber? Great hacks!

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  • Tami Stone Tami Stone on Jul 26, 2017

    One more use for the mat:

    (kinda long, but had to explain).

    My daughter brought a "it followed me home" dog home. After searching for the owner (with no luck) we've kinda adopted her into our zoo of 2 other dogs & 1 cat that thinks he's a dog. The newest member has been named Blue. She has 1 blue eye & 1 brown eye.

    ANYWAY... Blue is a medium-large Heinz-57 dog & every time she drinks water, only half stays in her mouth. As she walks away, she drops the rest of water all over the floor. I got tired of stepping in it & decided to try something new. Grabbed the mat & layed it out like a carpet runner. Works perfectly!! Now all I need to do is find one (or paint this one) to match my kitchen. 😊

  • Swe31670800 Swe31670800 on Feb 05, 2018

    I use one in the trunk of each of our vehicles. Keeps items in place and protects from spills or wet/dirty items like potted plants, umbrellas, pets, etc.

    • Swk42218303 Swk42218303 on May 08, 2019

      Great been wondering what to use when transporting potted plants