DIY Garden Mushroom Made With Terracotta Pots and Drain Plates.

2 Materials
2 Hours
This project will spruce up your garden this spring.With some creative and artistic painting you can make the pots into something fairy magic for your garden decoration.I have two gnomes in my house and when the pots are finished they can go outside either side by side of each pot or on top of each mushroom.

1)2 round terracotta pots in various sizes
2)2 round terracotta drain plates.
3)Spray paint in white and choice of colours for mushroom top.
4)White acrylic paint
5)Spray sealer
6)2 inch wide round sponge
7)Small paint brush.
How to make this adorable garden decor:
1) Spray paint each pot in white-let dry properly.
2) Paint the drain plates in whatever colour you like-Let dry.
Coloured in red
Letting it dry...
3) With the round sponge place it on white acrylic paint and make dots all over the drain plate.Let dry.
4) When all the painting is completed and fully dry you can apply two coats of spray sealer- let dry.
5) Project completed. Now I can arrange my gnomes outside.
I hope you will try this project.
I love how it came out and the gnomes seem to agree!

Suggested materials:

  • Pots and plates   (Nursery)
  • Gnomes   (Woolworths)

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