5 Surprise Uses for WD-40

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Do you have WD-40 in your home? I'll bet you do. Somewhere I read that 4 out of 5 American homes have WD-40 in it. That's not surprising to me, considering there are so many uses for it, but do you really know how many things you can use WD-40 for? The list goes on and on. Here are some surprising uses I found for this little miracle worker.
Use 1: Get Stuck Rings Off Fingers
In the summer my fingers blow up, and I have such a hard time getting my wedding ring off my finger. Spraying a little bit of this on my finger made the ring slide right off. I washed my hands right away afterward to get rid of the smell and the chemicals. Use 2: Keep Dirt From Sticking to Tools
This is especially great for all my plants. It's annoying to continuously wash the dirt and grime from my tools. But by coating them with WD-40, the dirst and grime slides right off. Use 3: Seal Shoes Against Water
WD-40 is a great water repellent. If you heavily spray your shoes, and then let them dry, they will repel water. How cool is that? Use 4: Remove Sticky Residue
Yoou know when you're trying to upcycle that wine bottle or tomato jar for another project, but the sticky residue won't come off? WD-40 gets it off without a problem! No more sticky residue from stickers, decals, or tape! Use 5: Remove Glue From Surfaces
WD-40 isn't just for sticky residue, it also takes off old and new glue from table and other surfaces. You know that glitter glue that's still on your kitchen table from your kids Sunday project? Use WD-40 and it will come off in a jiffy.
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  • Lynn Lynn on Aug 27, 2016
    What do you use remove the petroleum residue from your kids shoes. and the kitchen table?

  • Bec10280672 Bec10280672 on Aug 28, 2016
    What is meant by getting "petroleum residue" off shoes and table. Not quite sure where this residue came from.

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  • Kathy Truden Brassard Kathy Truden Brassard on Jan 30, 2018
    WD-40 will not hurt your hands as it's made from fish oil. It's also great for fire ant bites. It will also untangle gold chains! Hundreds of uses for it! I love my WD-40! I have cans all over the house!

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    • Melissa Greene Melissa Greene on Mar 03, 2021

      I actually had to do some research lol. My whole life I thought the same thing and you’re right. It doesn’t contain fish oil. I was today years old. 😊

  • Jbaker Jbaker on Jan 30, 2018
    No question, but FYI, WD40 also makes a great stainless steal cleaner and polisher