How to Deep Clean Your Gas Stove in a Few Simple Steps

by Elnazhamai

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to deep clean your gas stove, ensuring that every nook and cranny is spotless. Maintaining a clean and sparkling gas stove doesn't have to be a daunting task.

With a few simple steps and some readily available supplies, you can bring back the shine to your kitchen centerpiece. Let's get started on transforming your grimy stove into a gleaming cooking haven.

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Tools and materials

  • Hot water
  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Lemons
  • Degreaser cleaning spray
  • Plastic blades
  • Power paste
  • Electric toothbrush
  • Long thin brush
  • Stove countertop gap cover
  • Sponge
  • Brush
  • Pumice stone
  • Mineral oil
  • Vinegar
Pouring baking soda on the stove

Step 1: Soak the Grates

Begin by filling a big bowl or your sink with hot water, adding a generous amount of baking soda, and a squirt of dish soap. Submerge the grates, allowing them to soak for at least five minutes.

Cleaning the burner caps

Step 2: Clean the Burner Caps

Transfer the burner caps into a bowl and add baking soda, slices of lemon, and hot water. After a couple of minutes, squeeze the lemon over the caps and let them sit for an additional five minutes.

Wiping down the stove surface

Step 3: Wipe Down the Stove Surface

While the grates and burner caps are soaking, use a degreaser cleaning spray to wipe down the stove surface. Scrub any stubborn spots, then let it sit for five minutes before wiping it clean.

Scraping off stuck-on food

For tough, stuck-on food, use plastic blades.

Cleaning a stove with an electric toothbrush

Step 4: Tackle Burner Stains with Power Paste and Electric Toothbrush

Apply a power paste to any stains on the burners and scrub them using an electric toothbrush. Ensure you reach into all the crevices and gaps.

Cleaning crevices and gaps with a long thin brush

Step 5: Clean Crevices and Gaps with a Long Thin Brush

Use a long thin brush to clean and wipe all the crevices and gaps around the burners and stove. Don't forget to clean your stove countertop gap cover if you have one.

Scrubbing the grates

Step 6: Scrub and Rinse the Grates

Return to the soaking grates, scrubbing them with a sponge and brush. For any stubborn food residue, use a pumice stone. After thorough cleaning, let the grates dry, and apply a light coat of mineral oil to prevent rusting.

Rinsing the burner caps

Step 7: Rinse and Shine

Remove the burner caps from the bowl, rinse them well, and witness the shine. For an extra sparkle on the stove, spray vinegar and wipe down the entire surface. Put everything back in its place, and admire your spotless gas stove.

How to deep clean your gas stove

How to deep clean your gas stove

Deep cleaning your gas stove is a simple yet rewarding task that can enhance the overall cleanliness of your kitchen.

By following these step-by-step instructions and using common household items, you'll be able to enjoy a sparkling, well-maintained gas stove that adds a touch of brilliance to your cooking space. Leave me a comment and let me know if you found this to be helpful.

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  • Teresa Teresa on Dec 27, 2023
    Ps not all of these are "common" household items. For instance, I don't have an electric toothbrush and if I did. I sure as heck wouldn't use it on my stove...I don't have a pumice stone nor do I have plastic blades. So, ya...
  • Sharon Sharon on Dec 27, 2023
    My question is what is included in the power paste? Thank you in advance! SJ
    • Melanie Klem Melanie Klem on Jan 05, 2024
      The container says: less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, soap, lemon fragrance (limonese, linalool). it’s called ScrubDaddy Power Paste Natural Household Cleanser. You can find it on Amazon. Mine came with a ScrubMommy.
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