Americana Crocheted Star Wall Hanging

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With Americana colored yarn, some buttons and a wooden embellishment, you can make this star to display on your wall.
With a size J hook, chain 3 and make 2 double crochet in the first chain. Chain 1, and make 2 more doubles. Repeat 3 more times and you have 5 sets of doubles. Join with a slip stitch and chain 3.
Repeat this pattern for two more rows, making NO chains between stitches except on the 5 corners. You should have 10 stitches on this last row on all 5 sections. Break off yarn and work in.

NOTE: You can make the center any of the three colors, then making the 5 star points all three.
As you do the spikes of the star, you need to not increase 1 on two rows. In other words, if you last row was say - 8, make the next row 8 too, but chaining one and then not making your first single crochet in that one, but the next one.

If you do this twice and not in the same section, you will have a spike that is 10 across instead of 12.
Then it will match the pentagon shape for the center.

Now make 4 more and sew them to the five sides.
When all five spikes are done, work all the tails into the back and clip. You can tape them down with masking tape or spot glue them. As long as they don't show, you are good.

Make a single crochet border around it to keep the shapes.

Make a cardboard or felt shape of the star and glue it to the back. It doesn't have to be perfect as it will not show on the wall.
I used tan thread to "sew" the buttons on to make them look authentic. Then glue them on at the tips of your spikes, keeping in mind they will show off better if they are a different color than the yarn.

I got some wooden shapes of the USA and glued some flag waxed paper to them, tracing around the shape and cutting it out.

Gluing that on the center is the last step except for using some of the thread to make a hanger for it. I hope you enjoyed this!
Suggested materials:
  • Waxed paper or plain paper flag decoration   (Dollar Tree)
  • Wooden embellishment USA shape   (Dollar Tree)
  • Americana colors of yarn   (Had at home)
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