Patriotic Red, White and Blue Sign Made From Pallet Wood

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3 Hours
Hi Hometalkers!
I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and I saw this cute little patriotic bell . It made me think of the bell I have at home and then I had an idea for a sign !
When I got home I started to gather all the materials I would need for this project and here is what I made...
I have a some wood pallets I'm dismantling right now for another project.

I only need three little ol' pieces for my sign. None of the wood is exactly even or straight but I'm okay with this
I cut all three pieces together on the table saw at 16 in long then painted each piece as you can see.
I used wood glue to hold the pieces together, then added the wood pieces to the back for more support in holding it together.
Now add D-rings to the top of those pieces.
Then I looked through my letter stencils... what !? I don't have the right size that I envisioned, either too small or too big !
Well I guess I will draw the letters then paint I don't mind, I love to paint!
Next that bell I have will need to be painted and cut down. It was going to be used on the back door but I changed my mind about that a long time ago. It was just sitting in my piles of material/stuff that I save because I know I will need it some
day and I was right, today's that day !
I used a hacksaw to cut the metal, then I bent the metal with pliers to the shape I needed so I could attach the bell to the wood sign.  

Sorry about the picture, it was getting dark and I wanted to finish up! I will sometimes work on a project until it's finished no matter how late the hour!

I used a clear matte spray paint after all the letters had dried to seal it. I drilled a hole through the metal bracket on the bell so it could be screwed into the wood.
I then attached a string of red, white and blue beaded garland to the bell with a large wood bead I painted white to the garland so you can ring the bell !
Now screw in the bell .....
I had to wait until the next day to take a picture of the finished project
You can do a project like this with many different types of wood, paint and bells , this is what I had on hand Didn't cost a thing but time and energy !

Hope to see some others' creations soon!

Suggested materials:

  • Three pieces of wood   (Wood pallet)
  • Red, white and blue paint   (on hand)
  • Bell, garland and bead   (on hand)
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