Holiday Cup Cozy's

3 Materials
35 Minutes
My 10 year old grandson Still get's a kick out of crafting something .I like to get him to make things for his parents and teachers. Pot holders one year. This year it is cup cozy's
I went on the internet and found free cup cozy patterns. This is for a 16 oz. cup The pattern is on the paper you see. I just printed it off.
in the automotive section of the Dollar Tree, they have these . We got red ones. I cut it open at one end so I end up with a long piece This will make 4 cup cozy's This is a steering wheel cover They are cheep and the rubber band will pop fast .so they are no good after the rubber band thing pops.. It won't hold on to the steering wheel. So we crafter with the red fabric. It is a great size to do this project.
I pull the cheep rubber band stuff out of the red fabric strip, so it will lay flat Then I cut a piece of ribbon to lay out on top of the red strip .To dress it up.
The roll of ribbon we had, that looked the best was this one . This was from after Christmas last year, 75% off ribbon. I had my grandson just stitch it down. . with the sewing machine. Just taking his time, it had to be stitched on both edges . from one end to the other . He would only do part of this . He was afraid he would mess it up. ,so I finished it up. It is flipped to the back side or in side out both ends are stitch together ,then flipped to the right side.
Ok holiday hot cup cozy's done. The cup on the left is just a little Dollar Tree cup. So we have a kid size and an adult size. The one on the right is the 16 oz. size cup.
Suggested materials:
  • Steering Wheel cover   (Dollar Tree)
  • Ribbon on a roll .   (Walmart)
  • Free pattern   (from internet)
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  • Wendy Wendy on Nov 22, 2017
    Oh how cozy!! Love them!

  • Angie Waldner Angie Waldner on Nov 22, 2017
    My steering wheel fabric cover was only $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. My Ribbon was only $2.00 .After Christmas mark down price last year. A reminder always put the cup cozy on the cup before you fill it with hot liquid.