DIY Home Theater Concession Stand

Carol Becker
by Carol Becker
2 Materials
2 Hours
I’ve thought about turning my large basement space into a home theater for a long time and today I made a small effort towards it with a project. This project cost absolutely nothing because I was repurposing an Ikea bookcase that had been half destroyed by a dog and had the rest of the supplies left over from other projects. Here is the end result:
Okay, so I started out with this chewed up bookcase:
Them I flipped it upside down, remove the backing on the upper half, and sawed off the broken legs.
I attached a piece of cardboard to the two remaining legs and to the new leg stps in order to have a kind of awning. Next, I got some remnant fabric and fabric glue, made a false hem by ironing the fabric glue into place and used my handy staple gun to fix things into place.
Finally, I filled the shelves with candy and added the popcorn stand side kick to add to the look. I’ll probably do more home movie theater projects in the near future, but what do you think of this super easy repurposed broken bookshelf into a home theater concession stand? Feedback welcomed!
Suggested materials:
  • Broken okra bookcase
  • Fabric pieces
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