Hog Feeder Pumpkins

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Some paint and old hog feeders make a fun fall display for our farm.

Several years ago while cleaning up around our barn I noticed an old galvanized hog feeder that was no longer being used. I immediately thought of turning it into a pumpkin to use in a "photo booth" at our annual Halloween party at our barn. Each year I wash the pumpkins before I set them out and sometimes I need to touch-up the paint. I have changed the look of the pumpkins a few times.
The hog feeder "before". The trough around the bottom had rusted off and the lid was dented but I thought it would make a great looking pumpkin.
It took seven cans of spray paint to get a good coverage.
I live on a farm and we host a Halloween party at our barn. The first few years the pumpkin was used as a prop for the "photo booth". This is the first design I used on the pumpkin. I printed letters from my computer and decoupaged them onto the pumpkin. I just free-hand painted the vines.
A couple years ago I was given another hog feeder and I turned it into a Jack O'lantern.
Last year I changed up the design for the pumpkins. The decoupage letters were starting to peel off so I changed to a stencil and paint.
A closer look at the big pumpkin before the last coat of paint on the letters and vines.
The last few years we've used the pumpkins as a display in our pasture. We set them on a wagon so they can be easily seen from the road.
This is the smaller of the two pumpkins in the photo booth.
Suggested materials:
  • Galvanized hog feeder   (On our farm)
  • Paint, markers   (Any supply store)
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