Bow Christmas Tree

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Turning a Trash Item into a Beautiful Christmas Tree
I found this tree form in the trash pile after last winter and scooped it up. It had a circular base with a pole in the center and strings coming down every 2 inches from the top. The strings were stretched and aged. See first three photos.
I took off the old string and restrung with fishing line, using long pearl headed pins instead of the nails. I hot glued the pins to add stability.
I then ran hot glue around the lines in several places to help stabilize them.
The next step was stringing the lights, using the fishing line for the base. After that I tried 3 different ways to put a mesh base on the lines in order to affix the nearly hundred self-made bows. I was getting frustrated on things not working and finally started hot gluing the bows on the final selection of three different meshes. I should have stuck with the red mesh shown in the above picture, but in the end it didn't matter much.
All the bows were then hot glued on the mesh, each vertical row a different color. They won't fall off when handling the tree, but it also made the tree impossible to disassemble for storage.
Finally, a dolly was attached to the bottom to help with mobility. The tree is over 6 feet tall. I should have done this first, but I didn't think of it then. Duh.
The finished project after attaching top bows and ribbon.
This photo is the upstairs bow tree with the topiaries I also made this year.
This is a picture of the downstairs tree with the decorations.
The bow tree cannot be disassembled so I wrapped both trees in Press 'n Seal. It took a whole box per tree. We'll see how that worked next year when they come out of storage, especially the regular tree in the background that was wrapped ornaments and all. These two trees, plus an old artificial tree that we used outside for decoration, plus the cut out angels used outside, all fit under the stairs!
Suggested materials:
  • Fishing line, on hand
  • Pearl stick pins, on hand
  • String lights, on hand
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