Easter Eggs

If you have nail polish you don't use any longer, try making marbleized Easter eggs.
Plastic eggs and warm water. Using a chop stick to dip the eggs - it makes less of a mess on your fingers.
I had some paper mache eggs that I painted with regular paint first. They came out nice, but when you use the colored plastic eggs, you don't need to worry about covering the entire egg.
Misc. nail polish will work, but you will want to have two bottles of white nail polish. That went the quickest.
Batch one.

1. place warm water in a bowl deep enough to submerge your plastic egg.

2. take a skewer and insert in egg.

3. either add drops of nail polish or hold the bottle over the bowl and when nail polish starts to come out swirl it on the water - you can use one or multiple colors.

4. dip egg starting in one corner and swirl to the next corner

5. place wet egg with skewer into Styrofoam or another means to hold the egg up to dry.

Here's the end result. Get creative, have fun, oh and have a window open -- nail polish stinks! :) Enjoy.
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  • Lin1263925 Lin1263925 on Feb 28, 2020

    How did u get the skewer in plastic egg was there a small hole ? You just swirl along top of the water so water can’t get in egg these are beautiful I want to use for every day decor thank you

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