DIY Hand Warmers That Smell Sweet!

5 Materials
20 Minutes
Make these sweet little hand warmers to keep your hands warm this winter. Microwave safe!
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Pour your rice/flaxseed in a bowl and mix it with dried lavender, if you choose to use it. You won’t need much — about 1/4 cup per hand warmer. Microwave it for a minute to kill any living organisms that could be lurking in there and potentially foul up your pretty hand warmer.
Cut out the shape you desire from your material. You need two shapes that match — a front and a back. I made a heart, and a winged heart, but you could also make rectangles, squares, circles, and even hand shapes. (Note: The wings in my heat are sandwiched between the front and back heart, and are just one layer.) Pin together.
Cut off a piece of floss about one yard long and thread your needle with it (single thread, not double thread). Tie a knot in the end.
Put the two pieces of material together, insides in. Begin by stitching in one corner, about 1/4 inch in. Stitch through just one piece of material initially, from back to front, so your knot is on the inside.
Continue stitching around the perimeter of your material, stopping when you get an inch from the place you began. I used two different stitches on mine -- the white heart has a blanket stitch and the red winged heart is a running stitch. Remove your pins.
Fill the inside of the pouch you've made with your rice/flaxseed/lavender mixture. You may find it easier to create a small paper funnel.
Once filled, continue stitching until the hand warmer is closed. Double knot at the end.
To use, place in microwave for 30 seconds to one minute (be sure the pins are removed first). Be careful when picking it up, as it will be quite warm.
Enjoy your hand warmers all winter long!
Suggested materials:
  • Wool felt   (Amazon, craft stores)
  • Cotton Embroidery Floss   (craft store)
  • White rice or flaxseed   (grocery store, health food store)
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