How to Make a Mosaic Heart Candle Holder

3 Hours
This is my first mosaic project.I found it was fun to do.I completed this in one day.

Materials you need.
1)Heart shaped wood.
2)Mosaic tiles. and very small tiles for around the heart base and for circle.
4)Tealight candle
Step by step instructions.

1)Make sure the wooden heart base is free of dust and dirt so that the tiles will adhere properly.Then stencil around the tea light candle in the middle of heart base.

2)Using the glue,stick down the small square ceramic tiles around the edge of the heart shape and around the stencil of the tea light candle.Leave 1-2mm gap between each piece.Use the tweezers for easier application.
3)Fill the rest of the empty space with the odd shape glass pieces allowing a 1-2mm gap.Its a good idea to work around the edges of the design and then fill in the gaps at the end.Its best to find shapes that fit next to each other similar to a jigsaw puzzle project.
4)This is the mosaic completed.If you can master this step you are on your way to becoming a mosaic master.I have enjoyed this project, I hope you will to.
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