Liquor Bottle Vases

1 Hour
I had these bottles that were just too cool to throw out, so I decided to make them into vases.
END RESULT: I placed them on my entry way mirror stand...and oh my goodness...I'm in LOVE! How simple and beautiful it is to re purpose items.
This is the first bottle. Cool shape don't you think? I love different shaped bottles.
I used some "Vintage blue" chalk paint and it took two coats.
After it dried, I took some silver glaze type stuff and just rubbed it over the bottle with a napkin. Added some dimension it was missing.
This is the 2nd bottle..omg...pinch me it's so cute! You'll see what I did below, but told my husband he needed to drink another bottle of this, because I want to try something different next time. Spray painting and then removing the wire with hopes of seeing the glass underneath the paint. But I digress.....
After two coats of "Lace" chalk paint, I didn't like the line streaks it was leaving on it (and I used a foam brush) so took my foam brush (see sides) and made a texture instead of just the lines. I turned out better then I thought it would.
Here is the entire bottle finished with the "texture" I did with foam brush.
And again, the end result. Lovliness ~!
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