Building a Love Bond From 3000 Miles a Way With Broken China.

When I first found out that my son's wife was expecting my mind was going crazy with things I could make the new baby. When I found out the baby was a girl it was even more exciting because I love girlie stuff. My son and his wife live 3000+ miles from me and its very important to me for my new grand daughter to know me. I am a very active Mom Mom and yearn for a connection with little Emma, like I have with my other grand daughter Isabella who is 12 now. So after much thought and meditation I came up with a plan.What I did to stay connected to my new grand daughter 3000+ miles away. The only way I could figure out how to stay close was to share my created treasures with her over the miles, so she could feel me everyday in her presence.
Emma's 1st Birthday Pic
The first gift of love that I decided to create for Emma was a "Good Baby, Bad Baby Frame" It would personify how all babies behave. It would show the playful side.
Base Frame with one coat of Poppie's .
I always have a general idea which way I wanted to go with this "Good Baby, Bad Baby Frame", so my next step was to pick out my supplies. I have thousands of plates to choose from. Then I painted the frame with a quick coat of Poppie's Vintage white to cover the previous design on it.
This is one of my favorites of all time below.
Then I had to pick out the sculpture pieces. I have boxes and boxes of this shabby goodness I have been collecting for years for my custom mosaic creations.
Theres those babies!!!
More Shabby goodness!
Then I have to gather the tools and adhesives. I used E6000 for the flat work on this piece, you can also use plain old Aileens Tacky glue as well.
I used Locktite For stacking and gluing the heavy items.It comes in a caulking type tube.
Then on to making the tiles. I cut then in about one inch consistent pieces for this type of project.
I use stained glass cutters. I love the red handle type best.
I selected scrabble tiles with her name on them.
The next step is to start to arrange the 3-D pieces on the frame.
After much messing around I came up with the plan to adhere the nicknacks. I used the locktite glue for this step. There is no set in stone method. You just have to keep messing and arranging until you get the right arrangement. You can use the heavy glue as a filler when assembling the sculpture.
After all the arranging of the 3-D pieces I filled in with the tiles I made from the broken china plates
After it was all glued I applied a glass epoxy based grout to make the china pop. All the supplies are available at your local hardware store, online and craft store.

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